The Benefits Of The Best Portable Massage Chairs And Everything Else You Need To Know

The Benefits Of The Best Portable Massage Chairs
The Benefits Of The Best Portable Massage Chairs

Wellness spas and massage studios typically offer massages where the client lies on top of massage tables. However, the best portable massage chairs are more suitable for massage sessions at home or in your office.

In this article, I will give you an overview of the advantages of a portable massage chair over a massage table. We will also discuss other important facts you need to know in order to make an informed decision of purchasing one.

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What Is A Portable Massage Chair?

First, let us define what a portable massage chair is. Basically, it is a lighter, more packable and more compact version of the massage tables you usually find in massage parlors and studios.

What is a portable massage chair
What is a portable massage chair

These chairs are similar to massage tables in that they provide support to the person getting a massage. However, instead of lying down on their back or in a prone position (on the stomach), a massage chair allows you to get a massage while seated in an upright position.

Who are Portable Massage Chairs For?

Now, the main purpose of portable massage chairs is to assist people like massage therapists who provide on-call massage services. They are also used by licensed massage practitioners, massage students, sports therapists, and chiropractors.

No matter which of these fits your description or if you simply like getting or offering mini spa treatments to your family and friends, a high-quality portable massage chair is definitely a good investment.

For those offering home and office massage services, a massage chair can be a great way to advertise your business while also conveying an image of professionalism. This is especially great if you are just starting out.

Also, choosing the best portable massage chair will help you get something that will last for years to come. This means you can use one while you are still studying to be a masseuse until you can establish your business successfully.

These chairs are ideal for therapists who offer massages in the workplaces or homes of their clients because they are so convenient and can be easily carried. They are also great for community events like holistic wellness fairs and treatment conventions.

Generally, massage chairs are more preferable than massage tables since massage chairs offer a wider variety of positions and more adjustability options. They are even more ergonomic from your point of view as the massage therapist since they allow you to easily move yourself around and lean across your client while giving a massage.

Portable massage chairs also have a smaller footprint which means they take up less floor space, which makes them even more ideal for pop-up or out-of-town events when you need to move your equipment.

Portable Massage Chair vs Massage table

I have already mentioned some of the key differences between a portable massage chair and the typical massage table you see around.

Here are some more of their advantages and disadvantages over one another:


First, let’s talk about the obvious: portability. Of course, the most striking difference between a massage table and a massage chair is how much easier it is to transport or travel with a portable chair. Massage tables are heavier, bulkier, and stay at the same place for the most part.

There are actually portable massage tables, but these are not as common and handy as portable massage chairs. Unlike massage tables, massage chairs are collapsible and foldable with a few detachable parts for easier storage and packing. Therapists often use these when working in smaller spaces or in a more public setting such as in festivals, marathons, airports, or shopping malls.

On the other hand, portable massage tables usually just fold up along the middle with foldable legs. The compact form is still significantly larger and heavier than a portable massage chair.

Main Purpose

The main purpose of a massage on a table is to provide an ultimate deep relaxation (as if the client is in bed) while giving the body a full massage as you, the therapist, addresses any knots or muscle tensions. With a prone or lying down position on a table, you can reach more sensitive spots with better precision, accuracy, and pressure.

The main purpose of a massage on a table is to provide an ultimate deep relaxation
The main purpose of a massage on a table is to provide an ultimate deep relaxation

Massage chairs, on the other hand, lean towards targeting and relaxing the muscles on the clients’ neck, shoulders, and back. This does offer many benefits and instant relief but not as much as one would be able to get with a classic massage table.

However, a massage chair allows the client to come and go quicker since the sessions are often shorter and the body needs less time recovering from a seated position that it does from a lying position.

Massage Areas

A massage table allows the masseuse to reach and manipulate your entire body to relieve any pain, soreness, stress-related tensions, and discomfort on various trigger points. A massage session on a table often includes targeting the arms, legs, stomach, chest, whole back, shoulders, feet, hands, and sometimes even the head. In other words, there is an unlimited list of positions and body parts to massage.

With a massage chair, the main areas that are targeted by the massage revolve around the upper back, shoulder, head, and neck area. Sometimes, you can also reach the lower back and legs, but that’s just about it. The body parts involved are pretty limited since the position, and the usual setting of seated massages do not allow for certain positions so as to make other parts accessible.


There are several advantages that a massage chair and massage table have over each other. Here are some of them:

Advantages of a Massage Table

  • The main advantage of a massage table, as already mentioned previously, is that it offers a much better range of motion to the therapist or masseuse. It also allows him or her to reach more spots and potential knots than a massage chair would permit.
  • You also get a much more intimate massage on a massage table since you get to be in a special attire or underwear for a table massage (such as for a Thai Massage) whereas you keep your clothes on when using a massage chair.
  • You can even use therapeutic oils, lotion, or powder for a more effective massage.
  • Some massage chairs, especially the portable kind, also do not hold up as well as massage tables under repeated pressure and regular wear and tear from multiple clients. Some clients may be heavy, and so your equipment should be able to withstand different weights and sizes. Otherwise, your business may suffer dire consequences. Fortunately, massage tables are sturdy and can handle repeated and regular usage better than massage chairs would.
  • As for hygiene, massage tables are easier to clean and disinfect between clients since they only have one main surface. A massage chair will have multiple folds and more crevices that make it hard to put a cover on or clean thoroughly after each massage session.

Advantages of a Massage Chair

  • On the other hand, the main advantage of a massage chair is that it is much easier to store, carry, and transport. It makes it more convenient for the therapist to go from one client to another or from one location to another since it weighs less and is smaller in size.
  • Some clients who are private and particularly conservative may also find it uncomfortable or awkward to remove their clothes for a massage, even though it will be performed by a trained professional. However, another pro of a massage chair is that you do not have to take off your clothes, which solves this problem.
  • Despite having limits in terms of body parts getting massaged, you still get most of the benefits of a massage in a chair in terms of relief from pain, tension, and stress.
  • For the therapist or masseuse, another benefit of a massage chair is that you do not have to bend over as far as when using a massage table. This puts less pressure and strain on your back as you give a massage.

Massage Techniques

Massage techniques
Massage techniques

As you may know, massage parlors and massage therapists offer a wide variety of massage techniques.

Probably the most common and known massage done on a table is the Swedish massage. Massage tables are suited for long strokes, deep kneading, rubbing, and stretching.

On the other hand, a massage on a chair focuses on techniques that aim at localized treatments such as acupressure and trigger point release. With the client’s seated position, the therapist can also employ firm and deep pressure at the back and shoulders while using his or her body weight to release the pressure and tension from the muscles.

Space needed

A table massage requires a treatment room or a larger area. It should also preferably be private enough and free of any disturbances for a holistic experience. It requires a cozy, warm, and comfortable place so the clients can feel as relaxed as possible.

A chair massage does not require as much space and even a quiet corner in your home or office will suffice. There is no need to undress either so you can still get or perform a massage in public areas like the mall.

Massage Duration

A table massage often lasts for about an hour or longer depending on the type of massage technique, package, or the area of the body being targeted. A full body massage ranges between an hour long to one an a half hour.

A chair massage is usually shorter depending on the therapist or the program you use in an electric massage chair. These sessions typically last anywhere between 10 minutes to an hour.

Massage Price

The massage price can vary depending on the type of massage, duration of the massage session, and the spa or facilities available. However, a typical massage on a massage table will range between 50 to 150 dollars.

A massage performed with a massage chair is often shorter and is therefore also cheaper, with a price range of 30 to 60 dollars.

Special Types of Massage Chairs

If ever you make the decision to buy a massage chair that will be best suited for your business, it is important to know that there are various types available for you to choose from.

1. Aluminum Portable Massage Chairs

Massage chairs that are made with aluminum materials and frame offer strength and durability while still maintaining the lightweight characteristic of a portable massage chair. These can also be adjusted to accommodate clients of many shapes and sizes.

2. Desktop Massage Chair

Another amazing type of portable massage chairs is the desktop massage chair. This is especially useful if you often visit offices to offer massage services. This type of massage chairs sits on top of a desk or any stable, flat surface. This allows you to give a massage to a busy office person without taking too much out of their time because the setup will be easier and quicker.

Desktop massage chair
Desktop massage chair

3. On-Site Massage Chairs

Although these massage chairs are not portable, they are probably the most durable out there. This type includes electric massage chairs that are suitable for both home or professional use.

On-site massage chairs are heavy and difficult to transfer so are often placed in a permanent location. They can also be adjusted to accommodate clients of many sizes. These auto-massage chairs come with pre-set massage programs and require no other person to operate or use. Some are even remote-controlled.

However, on-site massage chairs do not have the capability to assess the patient’s specific condition to make informed decisions to change or modify the intensity and duration of a massage.

On-site massage chairs also only reach and work on specific points of the body repeatedly. Because of their size, they are also harder to store, clean and maintain. Although they are very convenient, they do come with a hefty price tag.


Before looking for the best portable massage chairs, it is important to know why you need one and what the benefits, as well as the drawbacks, will be. After weighing the pros and cons, I believe this equipment is a great investment for your home or office.

I hope you learned a thing or two with the help of this article! Should you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please feel free to leave them down below!


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