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Meditation Cushions in Meditating Room for Relaxing and Peaceful Class Buddhism
Meditation Cushions in Meditating Room for Relaxing and Peaceful Class Buddhism

Meditation seems like an easy activity. All that you have to do is to sit down, close your eyes and let your thoughts go, right?

The truth is, meditation isn’t as easy as you may think it to be. This is because, to be able to let your thoughts go and keep your mind free, you must make sure that your body will be at its most comfortable position. After all, how can you be able to not focus on your thoughts if you feel pinching on your legs or pain in your knees? With that in mind, using a meditation pillow is a must for you.

What is a Meditation Pillow For?

Young woman practicing yoga on the beach.

Young woman practicing yoga on the beach.

Many people think that a meditation pillow is an unnecessary expense. But the truth is, having the right meditation pillow can improve your practice.. a lot.

Imagine this:

You are performing a seated meditation session, and you have a bad posture. This will cause pain in the knees, neck, lower back, wrists and shoulders, prevent proper breathing due to compressed diaphragm, and damage to your spine.

If you are suffering from all of these, how can you be able to focus on your meditation? You will be distracted, right?

Enter in, the right meditation pillow. It can correct your sitting posture so that you can sit properly. With the proper posture, you feel no pain, aches and your breathing is a lot better. Now, you can be able to focus, am I right?

These are the very reasons why you need the best meditation pillow, and this buying guide can help you find the one!

Comparison Table of the Best Meditation Pillow of 2019

Meditation Pillow 






Buckwheat Hull 

12 x 4.5,  

13 x 4.5,  

15 x 4.5 inches 




18 x 12 x 6 inches 


Zafu/ Crescent 

Buckwheat Hulls 

5 x 17 and 

5.5 x 15inches 

Certified Organic Cotton 


Buckwheat Hulls 

6 x 14 inches 

Organic Cotton 


Buckwheat Hulls 

13 x 13,  

16 x 16 inches 


Best Meditation Pillow: My Top Five Picks Revealed!

1. Reehut Meditation Pillow – Highly Customizable  

Reehut Meditation Pillow

​This wheel pillow is made of buckwheat hulls that are sealed within its own zippered pouch. This is designed for easy removal and insertion for easy maintenance. But more than that, the sealed buckwheat hulls also make it easier for you to adjust the firmness and height of the pillow. 

All of the buckwheat hull fill materials are enclosed by an organic hemp cover that is soft and has sturdy stitching. The cover is easily removable and can be easily washed by a machine.  

The pillow cover has a zippered closure system for easy removal of the sealed buckwheat hulls. YKK zipper of the pillow cover zips easily and smoothly. It is also concealed, so it doesn’t get in your way as you meditate.  

What Makes It A Good Meditation Pillow: 

The best thing about having buckwheat hulls as the fill material is that it feels as if you are sitting on the sand, which means that it can be able to hold your body up and at the same time, it allows you to move your legs as comfortably as possible. 

A unique feature of this pillow is its adjustable firmness and height levels which allows you to make the pillow as comfortable as possible, no matter what your weight and height are. 

Lastly, the pillow comes in five different colors so you can easily choose which one you want.  


Since the wheel pillow is a lot elevated and firmer than zafu, this pillow is recommended for poses that require a yoga block.  


This pillow is as simple as meditation pillows can get and that is why it does not come as a surprise that it is highly affordable.   


  • Comes in three different sizes 
  • The zipper is not exposed 
  • Adjustable firmness and height levels  
  • Adjustable firmness and height levels  
  • Organic and machine washable pillow cover  


  • Real-life colors are a bit different than those portrayed in the pictures 
  • Pillow sizes available are not large enough 

2. Mobile Meditator Meditation Cushion – Portable and Travel-friendly 

Mobile Meditator Meditation Cushion

This pillow is one of the few meditation cushions that has air as their fill material. Air in pillows create the firmest types of meditation pillows which are great for certain poses.  

What makes this pillow different than the other meditation pillows that you can find is the fact that it is designed to be highly portable and travel-friendly. The pillow can be quickly deflated and rolled and stuffed in your luggage. The pillow also has a handle which allows you to carry it wherever you go in the easiest way possible.  

Designed for travel, the pillow also comes with its own carrying case. It is also incredibly lightweight.  

Sadly though, the pillow does not have any additional cover. The entire cushion, though, is machine washable. Since it also has a semi-waterproof material as its covering, you can also easily wipe it down with a damp towel.  

What Makes It A Good Meditation Pillow: 

If you don’t like too firm meditation pillows, I have great news for you! While air makes the pillow as firm as possible, this meditation pillow has three adjustable air chambers that allow you to deflate and inflate the pillows until you have achieved your desired firmness and height.  


Given the fact that the pillow features a crescent shape, it can deliver extra support to the leg and pelvis area. Because of this, it is the go-to pillow for half-lotus yoga posture.  


The pillows have a lot of features that you can’t find in a regular meditation pillow. Despite that, you will be surprised to know that this is available at a similar price as most meditation pillows.  


  • May also double as a travel pillow
  • Easy to pack in a suitcase 
  • Comes in four different colors 
  • Three-chamber air design for customized comfort  
  • Travel-friendly design


  • No pillow cover included 
  • Blowing air into the pillow can be difficult 

3. Seat of Your Soul Buckwheat Meditation Cushion – Most Versatile of All 

Seat of Your Soul Buckwheat Meditation Cushion

​This is another buckwheat pillow in the list. Considering the fact that the pillow contains 100% natural buckwheat hulls, you are rest assured of the pillow’s firmness, durability, and sturdiness.       

The pillow cover features a soft organic cotton cover with a rugged texture. The best thing about this cover is that the material used is certified organic by GOTS. The cover is also easy to maintain as you can simply unzip the cover then throw it in a cold water wash.  

What Makes It A Good Meditation Pillow: 

The buckwheat hulls in the pillow compress to 4 to 5 inches after it has been seated on. This gives you enough lift for a standard sitting position.  

Oh, let us also not forget about the fact that you can remove some buckwheat hulls to customize the comfort level of your pillow.  

Aside from the adjustable height and level firmness of the mattress, the best thing about this pillow is that it can accommodate people of all sizes, thanks to the different size options that the company offers.  


For the crescent-shaped meditation pillow, the best pose would be half-lotus. If you plan on performing Burmese or kneeling positions, then you should go for the zafu pillow. 


I believe that this meditation pillow is reasonably priced. It means that it will definitely give you value for your money.  


  • Available in two shapes—crescent and zafu 
  • Comes in seven different colors 
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty 
  • Organic pillow cover 
  • Has a convenient carrying handle 


  • Break in period is required 
  • Buckwheat hulls are not sealed in a pouch so adjusting the firmness and height levels can be quite difficult.
Waterglider International Meditation Pillow

​Yes, this pillow contains buckwheat hulls but don’t dismiss it like it is your usual buckwheat pillow. The company knows their buckwheat hulls, and that is why they make sure that their fill materials are sourced from a USA farm cultured by USA farmers. 

Moreover, you should know that these pillows are crafted by hand by African refugees who are being paid above minimum wage levels.  

For its cover, the company uses an organic cotton cover. The cushion features a convenient handle which makes the pillow highly portable. Moreover, the strategic placement of the handle conceals the pillow’s zipper.  

What Makes It A Good Meditation Pillow: 

We all know that the benefit of using pillows with buckwheat hulls is that they have adjustable features. But what makes this pillow different is that they have been overstuffed by the company.  

The company’s philosophy is pretty simple—they overstuff your cushion so that you can make your cushion as firm and high as you want them to be. The elevated height of the pillow is a good option for taller users.  


As a zafu meditation pillow, this pillow is excellent for kneeling and Burmese poses and people with back and knee problems. 


Because it is handmade, it is surprising to discover that this pillow is a few dollars affordable than the other meditation pillows on the list.  


  • Has a convenient handle
  • Six color options are available 
  • The company hires 100% refugee labor 
  • USA-sourced buckwheat hulls 
  • Concealed zipper closure system 


  • The cover is not removable 
  • The hulls are not sealed in individual pouches

5. Peace Yoga Meditation Pillow – Eco-Friendly and All-Natural 

Peace Yoga Meditation Pillow

​The pillow gives the perfect balance between flexibility and firmness because of its tightly packed buckwheat filling. The sand-like feel of the hulls provides excellent support but at the same time, offers shape-conforming abilities. 

The pillow cover is made of organic cotton that is fully removable and machine washable. The cover has a built-in handle for easy transportation.  

What Makes It A Good Meditation Pillow: 

Customizable comfort— that’s what makes this pillow an excellent choice for meditators. While the meditation pillow is filled with buckwheat pillows, it has a zipper closure system that allows you to remove or add buckwheat hulls to achieve your desired comfort.  


This pillow has the lowest price among all the other pillows on the list.  


With its round shape and higher elevation, the pillow is great for poses that require a yoga block.  


  • Full zip cover for easy washing 
  • Carrying handle for portability 
  • The grab-and-go handle makes it portable 
  • Smooth surface 
  • Five color options available 


  • Gives off a bad odor during the first few weeks 
  • The flat design can be uncomfortable for most users

Everything You Need to Know About Choosing the Best Meditation Pillow 

Due to the rise in popularity of meditation and yoga, a lot of companies have developed, manufactured and distributed meditation pillows. Because of this, the number of meditation pillows in the market can get overwhelming. 

Lucky for you, I have already compiled everything you need to know to find the best meditation pillow for your needs. Continue reading to find out! 

Types of Meditation Pillows  

Not all meditation pillows look the same. In fact, meditation pillows come in different sizes and shapes. To let you know which one you should choose, here are the general types of meditation pillows in the market: 

•    Zafu  

Zafu is the most common type of meditation pillow that you can find in the market. It is a round and elevated cushion with pleated sides. This is designed to help the elevate the user off the floor at only a few inches. 

If you are suffering from lower back, knee and hip pain or stiffness, you can use this meditation pillow to sit upright during your session. Oftentimes, users place this pillow on top of either a yoga mat or Zabuton. 

•    Zabuton 

In general, this meditation pillow type is larger and flatter than most meditation pillows you can see in the market. It does not have the same elevation or thickness as that of Zafu as it is designed only to provide mat-like support for certain poses. Because of this, most Zabutons feature a rectangular shape.  

If you just want to feel comfortable sitting on a hard floor surface, this is the cushion to go for.  

•    Crescent 

This one features a half-moon shape (hence the name, crescent). Most users also refer to it as the V-shaped pillow. The width or elevation changes. Its back and butt portion are lot elevated then the thickness tapers off in the leg or hip area. This is because it is designed to deliver wider support for the hips and legs. 

Crescent meditation pillows are a bit wider than the Zafu, so this is also the go-to option of people on the heavy side. It is also the best choice for people suffering from knee and lower back pain. If the pose requires cross-leg sitting, this is recommended as well.   

•    Wheel 

This pillow features a rounder and more elevated cushion (yes, thicken than Zafu). In fact, it resembles the firm and thick bean bags in the market. This is designed to give support if the pose requires a tighter or higher seat.  

The Fill Materials You Need to Know 

Aside from their shapes, the types of meditation pillows are also categorized according to their fill materials. Here are some of the most common fill materials and their differences:  

•    Buckwheat Hulls 

Modern practitioners commonly use this fill material for their meditation pillows. This is because of its shape-conforming abilities. Due to the nature of buckwheat hulls, pillows made from this material is firm but also has a little give.  

The best way to describe the experience of using a meditation pillow with buckwheat hulls is it feels like you are sitting on sand—it supports you but at the same time, allows you to move comfortably.  

What makes this material a hit to many millennials is the fact that it is made from the outer shell of the buckwheat grain so technically, it is a recycled waste. 

•    Kapok Fiber 

Meditation cushions made from this material is a lot firmer than those with buckwheat hulls. It has lesser give so it can hold your body more steadily.  

This is the fill material of choice of people who need taller support and perform longer meditation sessions.  

Kapok fiber is a natural fiber collected from the seed pod of a Kapok tree. The resulting fiber is soft, hypoallergenic, silky, and resistant to mold and mildew.  

However, this material compresses over time. 

•    Wool 

This fill material does not compress and is considered to be lightweight, more comfortable and durable. However, it is not as firm as kapok and buckwheat.  

Other fill materials available are beans, cotton (cheap but not eco-friendly), Polyester, and air (inflatable cushions for traveling).  

The Things You Need to Consider 

•    The Type of Meditation You Will Do 

Different types of meditation require you to do different poses. With that in mind, here are the best types of meditation pillow for the corresponding poses: 

-    Kneeling 

This pose is common with Zen meditation (or the type of meditation for sleep). For this pose, a Zafu is recommended.  

-    Burmese 

For the Burmese position, you would also need Zafu, or you can also use a bolster cushion. A yoga block may also be useful for this position. 

-    Yoga Posture 

If you plan to do the half-lotus position, the best option that you have is either a Zabuton or a crescent pillow.  

If you are a newbie to meditation, you may want to watch this video:

•    Special Condition 

Do you have an injury? If that is the case, that should be your main priority when choosing a meditation pillow. 

You can find meditation pillows that are designed to support an injured part of your body, may it be a spine or lower back. Oftentimes, this special feature is indicated in the website of the product or its label. 

•    Comfort factor 

As mentioned, the main reasons why you would need a meditation pillow is so that you will feel comfortable and maintain proper posture 

To ensure this, it is important that you test your meditation pillow. Sit in it. Get comfortable and test if the spine is able to hold itself up with zero effort. Do this for 10 minutes. If you do not feel any discomfort, then it’s a keeper! 

•    Color 

Many people think that color is just superficial. However, many yogis believe that the color of the cushion can affect your mood and relaxation 

Here is a simple guide on how to choose the right color for your meditation cushion: 

-    Red: Stimulates feelings of passion and love. 

-    Green: Facilitates balance and calmness as it connects you with nature. 

-    Black: Instills feelings of discipline and introspection, encouraging you to meditate more deeply. 

-    Blue: Help soothes your spirit, keeping you calm and relaxed. 

-    Orange: Boosts excitement, making you feel happy and positive. 

-    Yellow: Makes your feel joy. 

•    Cover 

Most meditation pillows already come with a cover. If that’s the case with your options, you should make sure that the cover of the pillow is machine washable. If possible, it should also be resistant to slips and spills.  

•    Handle 

Most meditators would want to transfer their sessions from one place to another. A meditation pillow with handle is easier to transport. This feature is also a must-have for people who would love to travel. 

•    Adjustable Thickness and Firmness 

There are meditation pillows with adjustable thickness and firmness. A zipper closure system on the pillow’s cover will allow you to add or remove some of the fill material until you have achieved your desired thickness and firmness.  

•    Durability  

To determine the durability of the pillow, you must take a look at the stitching on its seams. Do they look sturdy to you? You should also take a look at some of the online reviews of the product as these are the most reliable ways on how to tell if the pillow is durable or not.  

Meditation Pillow FAQ’s Answered

How do you clean a meditation pillow?

Never wash your meditation pillow if it is made from buckwheat hull or kapok fiber. The best thing that you can do is to air dry it from time to time. You can put the pillows in a place where it is exposed to air and sunlight and let it stay there for a few hours. 

If the cushion has marks or dirt, you can wipe them down using a damp cloth, or you can also vacuum them to remove accumulated dust. 

If your pillow has a removable cover, you can either hand wash or wash it in a machine.  

When to use a meditation chair or stool? 

In addition to the types of meditation pillow, there are other meditation support items. These include the chair and stool. 

If you find it challenging to sit cross-legged, you can opt for the Japanese kneeling position/ seiza and the best support item for that would be a stool.  

On the other hand, using a chair is recommended for people who have a knee injury or those who find it difficult to bend their knees for a prolonged period of time. This is also recommended for longer meditation sessions.  

For more information on how to choose the right meditation pillow, watch this video: 

Which is the Best Meditation Pillow? 

Choosing the best meditation pillow is a tough choice. This is because there are lots of amazing products on the market. But out of all the products on the list, two options caught my attention. 

If you want the best meditation pillow for your Burmese and kneeling poses, my top choice would be the Seat of Your Soul Buckwheat Meditation Cushion because it comes in two different styles and offers a lot of size options. 

If you love to travel, then the most reasonable choice would be the Mobile Meditator Meditation Cushion. After all, its features are designed for portability.  


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