The Sacred Paradise of Hawaii - Living From Vision

Transformational Retreats

Journey with Dolphins
in the wild

Hawaiian Dolphin Retreat
March 2007

Learn the Powerful
Realizing Your Heart's Dreams Course at this Retreat

The Hawaii Dolphin Retreat

Experience the Paradise of Hawaii...

Swim with dolphins in the wild,
learn powerful skills to Manifesting as we teach you a powerful course on manifesting ANYTHING in your life...
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Connect with Nature
and feel the healing energy of the Island of Hawaii

Sedona Retreat
January 2007

Experience the beauty of
Oak Creek Canyon in
Sedona AZ...

Discover the amazing secrets to manifesting and creating abundance- the simple way in your life now
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Enjoy the beauty of

Organize a retreat in your area...

If you would like to organize a retreat in your area Susan and Paul are available to travel to you...

E-mail us to find out how you can bring a transformation retreat into your area and receive your retreat registration for FREE



Retreats are forming all across the world
Here's a happy group in Wisconsin


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