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Your Heart's Wisdom

 "Heart attack is a misnomer. For the heart never attacks itself...it is the source of life."
Dr. Bruno Cortis

The key to living a life of love, peace and prosperity is to live from your Heart.

Your Heart is far more powerful than your brain. The human Heart actually produces 10 times more electromagnetic energy than the brain. During the developmental phase of the human embryo, at day 25 of gestation, the first signs of life are registered in the Heart, not the brain.

When you live from your Heart, you feel full, rich, and life seems to flow effortlessly. You feel in control, confident, connected to your life's purpose. You feel Joy and deep inner Peace. You feel Alive!

When love radiates from your Heart you feel vibrant, energized and blissful. The feeling of being on purpose inspires you to new heights... some you never dreamed possible.

Living From Your Heart keeps you focused on what is most important to you in your life. You move from focusing on conflict to re-focusing on what is most important to you...
Your Deepest Heart's Desires.

In your Heart holds the Secret to true happiness. The Secret is Love. Love is the tender expression of the Heart... an expression we all long to feel deep within.

A wise sage once said:

"My friend, let me tell you about the Human Heart.

The Heart is surrounded by a group of arteries called the coronary arteries. Coronary means"crown". Thus the Heart is surrounded by a crown of arteries.

The function of this crown of arteries is to bring the blood supply to the body through the pumping action of the Heart.

Something wonderful happens when the Heart first pumps blood through the crown of arteries...the blood supply makes a perfect circuit back to the Heart before it is pumped out to nourish the rest of the body.

My friend, the very nature of the Heart is to nourish itself first before it gives nourishment to the body."   
                               Bruno Cortis

When we learn how to love ourselves first, we then have so much more to give others. Loving ourselves is the greatest gift we can give...for when we do so we are honoring the very nature of the Human Heart...our Source of Life.

Learning how to love ourselves is a simple yet profound journey. We are here to teach you how to do this and to make that journey with you. We are here to give you the tools to help make your journey a lighter, more joyful and richer experience.

"For when you journey inward, you will never be without."

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