We only have a few spots open. Will you
be one of the select few who discover...

You're Closer Than You Can Imagine To Discovering
The Most Powerful Secrets of Manifesting More
Love, Prosperity and Radiant Health

...even if nothing else has ever worked for you in the past

Come journey with dolphins in the wild...by land or by sea... feel your own Heart open to their love and higher intelligence


There's a place - far far away where you can discover what holds you back in your life from realizing your Heart's most treasured dreams

and how to clear it so you can create
the life of your dreams

Come discover the hidden treasure within you and return home from the islands with a re-newed and lasting sense of hope and deep inspiration

The kind that lasts a lifetime...


The New Secrets of Manifesting Retreat Seminar

January , 2016

In The Sacred Paradise Hawaii

  Experience the Beauty of Hawaii...
And a Special Sacred Ceremony

Experience The Ancient Hawaiian Secrets of Manifesting

Share Your Retreat Week with a Hawaiian Kahuna
Experience Morning Qi Gong at Oceanside
Learn a Powerful Course for Manifesting Your Life's Dreams
Swim with Dolphins in the Wild

Your Faculty in Paradise

Susan M. Castle
Author and founder of
The Essence Method™ and The
Mind-Heart Integration Technique

Paul Bauer
Author of
Creating Abundance, Dream-Minder
And The Secrets of Manifesting Course

With Special Guest

Keahi Hanakahi
Hawaiian Kahuna from Molokai

I wouldn't trade this experience for anything...

"I can't find words to describe how incredibly wonderful this retreat week has been for me. If you are at all considering attending I say "go for it"... life is too short to miss out on an incredible experience as this retreat has been for me. And it continues to create miracles in my life even after weeks of being back home."                

 Robin Roth - West Hartford, CT

Dear Friend,

am about to reveal to you how my life profoundly changed one day.

Here's how it happened.

It all began with a dream to experience an island far far away... and a desire to make some changes in my life...

I had heard of an ancient land far far away called Hawaii... and of the mysterious energy that flows from deep within the earth as you walk across it. I had heard stories of how this energy has been used for centuries to heal, inspire and touch the human Spirit.

This land, that had begun to tug at my Heart strings, is known as the big island - Hawaii. The places I was learning about were not the kind you will find in a travel digest or magazine... These places are sacred sites hidden deep within the island... known to only the Natives.

When I discovered I could experience these sacred sites myself and learn the ancient Hawaiian secrets to manifesting my Heart's deepest desires, I knew I had to visit this island.

I knew deep within my Heart that it would bring me serenity and lead me to my higher purpose.

My head said "Don't Be Silly" but my Heart said "Yes"

I had just returned from vacation and my business needed my time and attention. I struggled with the desire to go to Hawaii for 10 days. My heart said "GO" and my mind said "Are You Crazy, you can't go away again... Hawaii? - How will you afford to go there?"

A wise investment worth everything to me...

Traveling to Hawaii was the best decision I have ever made. I would have paid $10,000 for what my experience taught me. My experience on the island of Hawaii helped me to get in touch with deeper parts of me...my intuition, my higher self. I discovered the Hawaiian principles of Mana - and how to manifest in the Hawaiian way. I learned how to access my intuition, my Heart's wisdom, listen to it's guidance and to trust it.

I learned powerful lessons of love and self acceptance from the dolphins - the Naia -
in the Hawaiian language. The dolphins touched my Heart deeply and I learned a more empowering way to live my life - with an open Heart.

I discovered my Life's Purpose...something I was previously afraid to pursue. I learned how to embrace this fear, transform it and let it go...and to focus on what is most important to Me - My Heart's Desires.

I learned how to begin my day with intention and positive focus and learned how to end my day with gratefulness and serenity. I learned the importance of taking time to quiet my busy mind and listen to my inner most Truth. I found great serenity in the morning sunrise and profound gratitude in the evening sunset.

Most importantly, I gifted myself with a return to my Spirit as I learned how to be kinder, gentler with myself and to trust I am on the right path...my path. For when you walk confidently in the path of your own footsteps and not the footsteps of someone else, life unfolds in ways you've only dreamed could be possible. To manifest on the outside one must journey to the inside...and what a magnificent journey this is.

I knew when I left Hawaii that sharing this special experience with others was part of my destiny, my life's purpose. It warms my Heart to be able to share such a special journey with others... with You. :-)

Since my transformational experience on the island of Hawaii, we've been blessed to have facilitated hundreds of people in a relaxing powerful retreat setting on the big island of Hawaii. The magnificence of each individual unfolding and stepping into living the life of their dreams is a blessing I have no words to describe.

See how easily you can create what you really want in
your life.

So now I invite you to learn the exciting and powerful principles of manifesting at our next Hawaii Retreat in the Paradise of Hawaii...where we journey with the land and the sea, explore the Sacred Healing of Hawaii and where you will learn how to Manifest Your Deepest Heart's Desires!

Hawaii is truly a special place. One of the most Sacred, healing and inspiring places in the world. From the moment you step off the plane in Hawaii, you feel your Heart fill with warmth, radiance and vibrancy. You fall in Love! You've come Home.

The sweet smells of exotic flowers and the soft song of birds in the distance just makes you feel like you are in a magical Kingdom where something wonderful is about to happen...and something Wonderful does happen. You begin to become One with Nature...adopting her beauty and vibrancy and you are returned to your Spirit...Your Inner Place of Peace.

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Everyone deserves to feel the love and bliss of a dolphin and their high vibrational healing energy

Journey with dolphins: It's an experience that lasts a lifetime...

One of the most life changing experiences is to journey with dolphins in the wild. Your life will never be the same again! Your Heart will forever be touched and your Soul graced with the experience of unconditional love and profound joy. Dolphins (whether you experience them by land or by sea) have a message to share with us... each person has their own intimate experience with the dolphins. You will Know yours as you connect with their energy. I hope to have the opportunity to share this exceptional experience with you!


"I came to the Hawaii Dolphin Retreat because I was going through a divorce and my life would be different. I wanted to find the real me and my dreams I had previously tucked away. During the Hawaii Retreat I left behind things that no longer served me well and brought home tools that continue to bring me peace, calmness and a journey of manifesting from my Heart... This retreat is a gift you can only give yourself".

Kris Luke - Huntington Beach, California



"Paul and Susan's Hawaii Retreat is one of the most
profound experiences I've ever had in my life... what a gift! If you're looking to make meaningful and lasting changes in your life then I recommend attending this retreat. It has forever changed my life."

- John Platis - Woodland Hills, CA

I wanted clarity and focus...

"I traveled to Hawaii to discover the secrets of how you can experience profound clarity and focus in your personal and professional life, and I did. I found what my true dream is. I could not have found such focus by myself. I found my Life's Dream staring me right in the face. How could I have forgotten? I am home now and every day I think: "Wow, I almost missed it! I almost lost my true dream"! I am so grateful that you offer such retreats. Attending your retreat opened my heart, cleared my vision, and restored me to my true self. Mahalo!"

Micheline Valee Turp, Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Click here to register and secure your space

Please call me personally at my office number 847-520-1983, if you have any questions. I would love to talk to you about this retreat experience and share how this retreat will change your life.

I sincerely look forward to meeting you personally in the beautiful Islands of Hawaii.



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P.S. Here are the 6 Common Reasons People Attend This Retreat.

Which ones are true for you?

  • The desire to open your Heart to real love and abundance

  • The desire to discover and live your life's dream before its too late

  • The desire to have a more rewarding, enriching life... to feel real happiness

  • The desire to learn how to get clarity and stay focused on your life's purpose

  • The commitment to release all that no longer serves you well and to clear any
    blocks that prevent you from realizing your life's dreams

  • The desire to return to your Spirit, de-stress and find that deep connection to
    yourself that you've lost along the way

  • The desire to make a difference in your life and the life of those you
    care for

Let go of all that holds you back from living your life's dream - your life's purpose - in the islands of Hawaii...

Here's how this special retreat experience has changed one woman's relationship with her son:

  This retreat experience gave me the power to hear and understand my Heart's desires and to make them real...

"I made a list of my Heart's Desires at this retreat, and most of them have come true in only 4 months. And the best of the best is my relationship with my son. It has taken a whole new direction. Where our relationship was once strained and distant, we are now close and our loving bond is stronger and stronger. This brings tears of great joy for it has been my greatest desire. I would do this retreat again as it gave me the power to hear and understand my Heart's desires and to make them real."

Maria Khalife - Lebanon

This testimonial is from a participant on one of our recent retreats:

"The Hawaii Dolphin Retreat experience is one I will cherish and reflect on for the rest of my life. I came back a changed person. I found proof that dreams really can come true and the intentions I put forth really can be manifested in my life.

My day-to-day life since going on the retreat has changed. I've found a peace in my heart that I've never known before.

I'm also seeing results of manifesting my dreams in my life. Since returning from the retreat, I've been creating one of my dreams, I am now involved in several vocal performances in a variety of venues, and I have attracted other persons with similar interests and talents to support my dream.

My deepest and sincerest thanks to Susan Castle and Paul Bauer for following their dreams in teaching others how to make their dreams come true."
Paul Mattson - Detroit, Michigan

Learn The Secrets To Manifesting
Your Heart's Desires!

By attending this retreat you will:

  • Gain Clarity and Align with Your Life’s Purpose

  • Participate in and learn the powerful Ancient Hawaiian Secrets of Manafesting and Realize Your deepest Dreams come true and even beyond

  • Learn how to get in touch with your intuition and how to trust it and act upon it

  • How to release any tension , stresses or anxieties and live your life with a deeper sense of passion and true fulfillment

  • Learn the powerful principles of manifesting your Heart's Deepest Desires which include The Essence Method (developed by Susan Castle), EFT, AFT, The Sacred Ha Breath, The Resourcing Process, Theta Healing and more

  • Experience the sacred Paradise of Hawaii where you can unwind, de-stress and let go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve you well

  • Be pampered with a relaxing full body Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage where you can relax in paradise (optional and at an additional fee)

  • Experience the dolphins in the Wild (weather, conditions and environment permitting) during an outing out to sea. You may encounter dolphin pods of up to 300 dolphins...

  • Learn about the healing qualities of the dolphins and experience your own healing in their presence

  • Learn the language of the dolphins, feel their sonar communication, experience the healing qualities of the dolphins

Enjoy A Gorgeous 3 Acre Retreat House With
Swimming Pool, Water Falls, Koi Pond, Ocean Views
Mountain Breezes, Tropical Flowers, Fresh Papayas
and much much more...



Hawaiian Paradise is calling to you...  

Things you can enjoy when you extend your stay:
  • Enjoy evening sunsets more beautiful than you've ever seen

  • Revitalize your energy with morning Qi Gong at oceans edge

  • Experience the Volcano Goddess Pele... see her glow

  • Explore and relax on a breathtakingly white sandy beach with palm trees swaying in the wind and the sound of tropical birds

  • Enjoy the aqua marine blue waters, see beautiful coral and
    colorful fish and experience the beauty of the ocean

  • See the beautiful sea turtles as they come ashore to grace us with their presence and wisdom



The Hawaiian sea turtle is a symbol of good luck and a long life to the Hawaiians

Learn a Powerful Course on Manifesting Your Heart's Deepest Desires
along with the Ancient Hawaiian Secrets of Manafesting
  • Discover your life's purpose and a blue print to living it

  • Gain clarity on what you want and how to get it

  • Clear any blocks to creating what you truly desire in your life

  • Return home with powerful skills to use and get real results

  • Tap into your Intuition and learn how to trust it and use it in your life

Meet new friends and form a special bond with like minded individuals who are discovering their life's dreams in the Islands...

Opening Your Heart To Love

Experience the Opening Your Heart To Love Meditation so that you can:

  • Feel your own open, Radiant Heart - relaxed, soft and warm

  • Experience your Heart open and feel FREE from any stress or worry

  • Embrace the loving nature of the dolphins and feel unconditional love

  • A guided meditation designed to facilitate Opening Your Heart to Love
    (this meditation has been successfully used to help heal many major diseases)

Keahi and Rose
Heart to Heart

Nadine and Bill
Opening Their Hearts

Experience Keahi, Susan and Paul as they share Sacred Ceremony, E Oli ' Ola Chanting, Blessings, Lemurian Healing,
Personal Clearings and much more

Meet new friends that become
your "Dream Team" and last
a life time

Ruth, from Campache Mexico, shares her experience at one of our Retreats with the Opening Your Heart to Love evening:

"I was skeptical at first to believe this would work... and what a surprise. I will never forget the warmth and love I felt in my heart during the Opening Your Heart to Love evening... this was one of the highlights of my experience during the retreat. I felt deep love and warmth in my Heart for the first time in a long time. It brought tears of joy"     Ruth Ebergenyi Vazques


Join a special circle where you feel only love and complete acceptance... free to be You

Make friends that will last a lifetime!

Evening Sunset Meditations

  • Join us where the land meets the water - it's an awesome feeling
  • Journey into a relaxing meditation at a Hawaiian Sacred Site
  • Feel the ancient Hawaiian sages speaking through you
  • Learn the powerful Hawaiian chant for manifesting your Heart's Desires

The Hawaiian Sacred Site known as Honaunau is where the ancient Hawaiians came for forgiveness.

Join us here in a meditation at sunset... a special meditation designed to allow you to let go of all your burdens and offer them to the land...

After this evening you will feel lighter, free and aligned with your life's purpose.

LomiLomi Hawaiian Healing Massage (Optional)

...lovingly given by a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage therapist

  • A relaxing full body massage is available at $60
  • Experience the healing relaxing spirit of LomiLomi Massage
  • Gift yourself with letting go, relaxing all your muscles
  • Quiet your mind to the gentle sounds of tropical birds
  • The biggest benefit to receiving a Hawaiian lomilomi massage is:

The Hawaiian healing energy and love that flows throughout your body
is heavenly. It's a real gift of lasting healing and deep relaxation.

Nadine Brown
June Retreat 2010

"For the first time in my life I know what real joy and serenity feels like...

For 30 years I've been in an intense and ongoing process of personal, professional, and spiritual development. Even though I grew more with each experience, I was looking for the one thing that would "pull it altogether" and enable me to know the joy of my own true nature.

This Retreat was that transformative moment where all the puzzle pieces fell into place. Susan, Paul, and Keahi working as a triad opened up a portal for change like I have never experienced and the added benefit is that the changes have held easily and effortlessly. . . even now that I am home back
in my regular life.

For the first time in my life I know what serenity feels like. There is no greater gift I could have received. Thank you for providing an environment of unconditional love, making it a safe haven for change and profound transformations."

Nadine Brown - Sarnia Canada

Morning Qi Gong



Experience morning Qi Gong at the ocean's edge

Whether you are a beginner or advanced student of Qi Gong you will enjoy and benefit from our oceanside sessions

Learn the power of the breath and how deep breathing is the secret to long life and good health

"The fire ceremony was just incredible. Imagine sitting at the ocean's edge with the glow of the fire being welcomed to the islands with a fresh plumeria lei. Imagine looking up into the night sky at the hundreds of stars close enough to touch... having all the elements embrace you - water, fire, air, space, earth... what an incredible journey to your soul".

Marie Vanderford - Arlington Heights, IL

Sacred Hula

Come celebrate the Sacred Fire Ceremony and give Pele - the island Goddess - your special ti leaf offering

A Deep Connection With Nature

Feel the bliss and joy of journeying with dolphins in the wild by land or by sea and experience deep meditations with dolphins as your guide

Experience The Honu - gorgeous Hawaiian green sea turtles and hear them breathe - feel One with all of Nature

Experience the most awesome sun sets at ocean's edge and feel your Mind, Body and Soul touched by its beauty

Meditate where land meets water - its an awesome feeling

See the graceful sky just after the sun sinks into the horizon... drift off to sleep at night feeling peaceful

Experience pinks, purples and reds like no other sky you've seen before

Cherish the sight of a rainbow across the Hawaiian skies

Smell the sweet fragrance of fresh Plumeria in bloom - all your senses
are tantalized

Feel the warmth of the ocean breeze as it gently caresses your face

A Visit With Pele... The Volcano Goddess
An additional optional trip to the Volcano

  Witness the active volcano flowing into the ocean creating a new black sand beach before your very eyes

This is an optional additional trip
see details below

As seen on Good Morning America...
  • Join us in witnessing the active Volcano as lava flows down the mountain and into the ocean - hear it sizzle and see the spectacular sight
  • See a black sand beach form before your very eyes as the lava spills into the ocean - an experience you will never forget
  • Join us in the Rain Forest as we spend 2 nights in Volcano Village in a beautiful private home where you can nestle next to a warm fire after a night of star gazing and Volcano watching



The Pali
Where land meets the water
Imagine yourself strolling across lava fields along the ocean's edge...

Gazing up into a star lit sky with a warm ocean breeze brushing by your face...

It's a majestic walk upon Mother Earth

Deirdre shares her experience of the magic of this retreat:
"My very deep and profound thanks for a truly powerful week. I know it will forever alter how I look at my life and how I will live it. I read the testimonials of others who had been to your Hawaii Dolphin Retreat and wondered if I could have even a glimpse of such a powerful experience... well I did and much much more. This has been an experience of a lifetime."

Deirdre Devlin - Seattle, Washington

This is all part of your home for 8 glorious days...

A relaxing retreat house nestled at the Ocean's edge in the pristine Kealakekua Bay

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"I've never slept so well in all my life... hearing the ocean waves all night long was a kind of soft lullaby"  Maria Khalife - Lebanon

Liquid Gold Sunsets...

  • Witness the most incredible sunsets you've ever seen
  • So close you can just about touch them with your fingertips
  • Experience sunsets that touch your Soul, and last a lifetime

Let the Paradise of Hawaii take you away from all your stress...

This Retreat is designed to take you away from all the stress and busy-ness of your everyday life. It provides you with tools that you can use the rest of your life to re-energize and revitalize all parts of your life.

We invite you to relax, enjoy the endless beauty of Paradise in Hawaii, live nestled close to the ocean for 8 full days and take in all its beauty, wisdom and healing qualities... And learn a powerful course that teaches you how to Manifest Your Deepest Heart's Desires and Life's Dreams!


We will be happy to answer any questions you may have and to just talk with you about Hawaii and how this experience will change your life.


When you register for this Hawaii retreat you will receive two incredible FREE BONUSES. You will be able to learn from authentic Hawaiian Kahunas (keepers of the Sacred Knowledge).

You will learn the powerful ancient Hawaiian secrets of manafesting and how you can use these principles in your everyday life to get in touch with your Heart's deepest desires and to create your dreams into reality.

The Essence Method
Susan will assist you in
discovering your Essence. You will be guided to that peaceful place within where you will get in touch with your intuition and learn to trust it. Susan will help you discover any blocks or fears that may be preventing you from having what you really want and they will be gently transformed and released.

These are your powerful bonuses when you attend this retreat.



Good friends, perfect weather, intimate journeys with the dolphins, gorgeous sunsets close enough to touch and a week of incredible experiences...

Come journey with the dolphins

Experience the healing energy of the dolphins as your Heart opens to
profound joy and love

When available, you will be guided out to sea with our own boat captain to journey with the dolphins and Hawaiian sea turtles

Words just can't describe what we experienced...

"There were at least 300 dolphins swimming all around us. I've never felt more love and joy in my whole life than those moments with the dolphins. WOW!"

Lucinda Naia - Phoenix AZ

Mother Nature's most precious gift to you is experiencing Pele's children - the turtles and the dolphins! Whether it is by land or by sea...

It will change your Life!

Learn skills that you can use to sky rocket your income, develop more passion in your life's work, discover radiant and lasting health, and live with a deep sense of inner peace

Here's what others are saying about this incredible retreat:

The retreat week that we share is not about following someone else's path or ideas... it's about finding your OWN path. A path of wonder and brightness. I invite you to read his story:

"Dear Paul and Susan,

Last week's seminar was THE BEST WEEK OF MY LIFE!!! I approached the seminar with an open mind and an eagerness to make concrete changes to my life. I found that no change happens without first changing the mind set that we operate under on a daily basis.

Susan opened up my heart and Paul opened up my mind with their program, their understanding of the human psyche and their compassionate desire to help others attain their dreams. They are true missionaries in the overcrowded and often self-aggrandizing motivational field.

Saying thank you does not seem adequate. God bless them in their work and on their own personal journeys."       

Steve Kirchen - Des Plaines, Illinois 


Here is one lady's experience of our Hawaii Retreat

"I attended this retreat because I believed that I would experience a truly life changing week. This retreat was beautiful, inspiring and so worthwhile... and it has changed my life.

Susan was able to touch the Hearts of every participant... her gentle ways and true concern allow each person to feel free to express their issues and concerns and to work out solutions in accordance to their true needs.

My experience on this Retreat has been the most powerful and influential method in personal transformation that I have ever experienced. Attempting to condense my experience into words just does not do my experience justice... I could write pages on this and still not fully convey how worthwhile, beautiful and inspiring this experience truly is."    

Suzanne Nichols - Tuscon, Arizona
Massage Therapist, Business Owner, Mom

Discover for yourself what hundreds now confidently create for themselves in their lives after attending this retreat...

This retreat changed my life forever...
"I had to keep pinching myself... the Hawaii Dolphin Retreat felt like a dream that I never wanted to wake from... It has changed my life forever"
                                           Ruth Auriemma - New Jersey

This retreat keeps creating miracles in my life...
"This is the best Retreat I have ever been on... it far surpassed my expectations... and it keeps on creating miracles in my life even after I've come home"
                                           Greywolf - Santa Rosa, CA

I am so happy I made the decision to attend this retreat...
"This Retreat Seminar has been the best experience of my life... nothing else compares. I am so happy I made the decision to attend. My life is forever enriched. I have created my dream business and it is a success... this is a direct result of my experience on this retreat and learning the skills to manifesting taught throughout the retreat experience."
                                Sheila Stewart - Las Vegas, Nevada

I've returned so radiant...
People are asking me if I fell in Love while I was away in Hawaii... I have returned so radiant and happy... I reply "Yes!!! with Myself"."
Patricia Hart - Paris, France

 The sunsets in Hawaii will
take you away...
and melt your Heart

I Discovered My Life's Purpose in the Islands...

"The Hawaii Dolphin Retreat is incredible... I attended this retreat confused about what I am here to do and left the islands with a clear understanding of my Life's Purpose. This retreat has been the most inspiring experience of my life. It gave me the courage to LIVE my life with a deep inner confidence that I am on my path doing God's work."

Ruth Auriemma - New Jersey

Register Now

We want to make this retreat available and affordable to as many
people as possible. It's that powerful and we can guarantee you
that it will be one of the best investment you have ever made.
You'll be telling all your friends about it..

We look forward to you joining us at our Hawaiian Ancient Secrets of Manifesting Retreat Seminar...

Join us in Paradise...

Hawaiian Ancient Secrets of Manifesting Retreat:

January 2016

Seminar Registration:
normally $1695

Special Discount $1295

The following are not included in the seminar registration and are at the additional rates below:

Ocean Front Lodging: Main Retreat House is $109 per night per person

(private lodging is available off site from $100 and up per night when available and requires a car for travel)

All meals and snacks are prepared by our own chef at $54 per day per person

Dolphin Journey: Swim with dolphins in the wild on our own private 5 hour boat trip $150

Oceanside Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage available at $60 hour

Volcano Trip:

Volcano Seminar Fee: $249
Includes Kapoho ponds, teachings and chanting with Keahi, Volcano exploring, evening candle ceremony in the pond and more

Volcano Trip Lodging:
$100 per night

Volcano Trip Meals $34 per day



Dear Friends,

We will be leading a small intimate group of individuals into the Healing Paradise of Hawaii where we will journey with the land and sea and learn the powerful Secrets to manifesting what you truly want in your life.

A special emphasis will be placed on inner peace and personal purpose. We hope you are able to join us on this incredible journey... We look forward to seeing you in Hawaii, sharing this incredible experience with you and giving you a warm Aloha!

Susan and Paul



Click here to secure your space and make your deposit

AirFare Sale
Check out American Airlines on the Internet at http://www.aa.com
and United at www.united.com. They are offering a big sale on flights to
Hawaii just in time for the Retreat dates! Also, check out www.travelocity.com


HURRY... these dates are
filling fast!


847-520-1983 or 847 770 1676

  Join us on the big Island
of Hawaii

Enjoy a beautiful relaxing retreat home nestled by the ocean... where the dolphins come in to play

call us at

Hawaiian Ancient Secrets of Manafesting Retreat

Additional Volcano Trip

Journey to the other side of the island to the active Volcano

(additional seminar fee of $249
plus lodging and meals)

Lodging in a beautiful home close to the Kapoho ponds and ocean, volcano exploration, ceremony, teachings and chanting

Lodging: $100 per night

Meals are an additional $34 per day

It is a 2 1/2 to 3 hour drive back to Kona Airport from the Volcano

847-520-1983 or 847 770 1676

Register Now

Click here to secure your space and
make your deposit



Call Today! Or
Sign up below

847-520-1983 or 847 770 1676

I will be happy to talk with
you personally and answer
any questions you may have and share with you how this retreat will give you inspiration that will last a lifetime.

Click here to register

Seminar Retreat Fee includes The Secrets of Manifesting Course and all materials, morning Qi Gong, sunset meditations, sacred chanting evening, teachings from the Kahunas, your welcome gift and much more.

The following are not included in the seminar fee and are additional:
lodging, meals, guided dolphin boat journey, personal blessing from the Kahuna, Kahuna's CDs, volcano trip which includes a three days stay in a beautiful home deep in the Rain Forest with meals, lava exploration, continuation of seminar and much, much more.

Can't make the live event but want to connect and learn from Keahi?

Have a personal session with Keahi over the phone by visiting this link

Sessions are limited to first 11 people who register for a personal session
with Keahi.

Sessions will be held the week of Nov. 14th

For the comfort and safety of our guests, our retreats follow a
non - alcohol and non - smoking policy

All retreat activities are on a voluntary basis and the decision to participate in them is solely up to the individual participant.

While we will make every effort to provide a safe and wonderful retreat experience, We are not responsible for any personal injury or lost or stolen belongings.

Journeying with dolphins when we go out to sea with our private boat captain is dependent upon weather, availability and environmental conditions.

Space is very limited,
call us today

Mind, Body and Soul
847-520-1983 or 847 770 1676

A non-refundable deposit
of $795.00 is required to
hold your space.

Our retreats fill fast!

In fairness to those who desire to attend
there is no refund once you have registered
as this retreat has limited seating.

Click here to secure your space and
make your deposit

Full payment is due 30 days prior to
the start date of the retreat (unless you have
arranged for a payment plan with Susan)

Payment plans are available

Call us today :-)

or 847 770 1676

Register Now

Hawaii Ancient Secrets of Manafesting Retreat
On the Big Island of Hawaii

Limited to the first 12 people

To reserve your space call 847-520-1983 or 847 770 1676
or e-mail us here

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