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Free Relaxing On-line Imagery and Meditation
Take a wonderfully relaxing break... the 5 Minute Vacation will take your stress away. Be sure to visit this link - it will be worth your visit

Dreams Alive is a wonderful site to spend some time nourishing your Life's Dreams. This sight is inspirational, has a wonderful "wisdom of the week" section and is sure to re-energize your spirit.

This is a great site!
Helping Women Build Self-esteem - Everything a woman needs to build self-esteem and confidence fast. Take the Ultimate Self-esteem Test and start improving within minutes! Selfesteem4women.com is the #1 most popular self-esteem site on the web.

All About Women

WomansPassions.com is an on-line resource for women and about women. Here you can find articles on various subjects, such as: diets, receipts, health, cellulite, figure, aromatherapy, wholesome food, psychology of relationships, pregnancy, parenting, fashion and many others.

FREE Heart's Wisdom Resources

The Spirited Woman
A fun and very inspired women's empowerment community
founded by Nancy Mills. Chock full of resources and more.


This is a wonderful site filled with lots of information, wonderful
resources, great tips, and you can sign up for a free monthly newsletter.

This is a great site! I recommend it highly.
The Family Friendly Ezine & Email Newsletter Directory is a
place of Education - Motivation - Inspiration. Helping you discover,
develop and successfully market your God-given creativity and talents.

Soul Future Spiritual and Dream Interpretation Site, A site for enlightenment including dream interpretation, an online dream dictionary, spiritual counseling, personal growth courses, inspirational quotes and spiritual growth articles. This site is dedicated to assisting you in connecting you with your spirituality, your Godself, your soul, and through this, overcoming that which stands between you and manifesting your dreams.

Relaxing Sites
This is a wonderful, calming site which invites you to take a break from your everyday routine and relax. The graphics alone will take you to a place of serenity.

Motivational Quotes
This is a wonderful site where you'll find inspirational quotations, prayers, and positive affirmations to promote positive thinking, personal growth, success, and achievement in your career, relationships, and life.

Motivating Moments
This is an ever growing on-line collection of Motivational Quotations, Inspirational Quotes, Success-Oriented Quotations and Inspirational Stories. A place to be truly inspired.

Motivational Mecca
Great place to receive inspiration, insight and to be re-energized.

WiseHearts! Weaving Small Wisdoms Through The Fabric of Life

A wonderful site which inspires the Heart, nourishes the Soul and provides inspiration to be our Authentic Self. A site which genuinely
comes from the Heart.

A great site with a vision to help all of us find answers, look beyond, realize our unlimited potential, grow and come together as one.

This website is dedicated to inspiring you to live an authentic and meaningful life by recognizing that which is inspiring in you and in others.

www.5passions.com A great site for inspiration! Read Julie's
personal story and you'll be inspired and deeply moved.


www.soulfulliving.com A beautiful site filled with wonderful resources to nourish your Soul and fill your Heart. The guest writers to this site are insightful and well worth reading.

You will find Everything @ www.mreverything.com !!
A new web portal that is getting better every day!

Inner Voice Publishing specializes in products that allow you to discover your life's possibilities

Your source for free motivational & inspirational quotes,short stories, articles, thoughts, and poems designed to help you lead a happy and healthy life.
Visit us today!

Visit this wonderful site and give Deena (site owner) a big hello from us. This is a wonderful site that offers healthy food/supplement choices to nurture the body, and personal care products to pamper and delight you. Great resources as you make the journey toward complete balance in body, mind, and spirit!

This is a wonderful collection of poetry sure to warm your Heart
and inspire your soul. My favorite one is "I Love You" but quite
honestly, all the poems are wonderful! And you can have one
personally written for any special occasion

America's motivational headquarters where you'll find motivational and inspirational quotes and stories. Home of the Power Up Passage of the Day and the Power Performance Program.

Words of Wisdom 4 U
A collection of motivational thoughts, stories, quotes and poems!

Love Poems and Quotes
Love Poems And Quotes - Romantic collection of love poems and love quotes. Related themes including famous, inspirational, friendship, and weddings.

This is a wonderful site with lots of good resources for women. It
is a community of support, spirituality, and empowerment for women.

A great dolphin resource. Dolphin retail store, Dolphin give away contest and much more.

Free E-Cards Online
A collection of free electronic greeting cards for all occasions. Birthday cards, love cards, funny cards, etc. Fun and easy to send.

Fibromyalgia Relief
Relief from the pain and discomfort of fibromyalgia in just 15 days.

The-Insight.com - health/biofeedback

Hawaii Dolphin Seminars and Retreats

Free Inspiration on "How To Transform Your Fears"

Your Words Are Worth Six Figures

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