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by Internationally Recognized Guided Imagery
and Radiant Heart Therapist

Susan M. Castle
founder of
The Essence Method

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normally $197.00
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includes tapes and manual
"Creating Your Hearts Vision"
Kit with three audio tapes
By Susan M. Castle

Learn how to create more with less effort.

Discover powerful skills to Manifest Your Deepest Desires. Create the life you truly desire.

Learn how to create what you really want with far less effort. Create more wealth, increased health, enhanced relationships and master one of the greatest challenges... finding lasting inner peace.

Here is what readers say about this powerful program:

“Susan's work is a masterpiece. Life is so effortless and profoundly meaningful when you live from your Heart and experience love."
Dr. Richard Sandore, Wadsworth, IL

"After one session with Susan - I'm at peace with myself for the first time in my life. After struggling with self esteem / self worth issues for years, all of a sudden those issues are gone. I like myself. I love myself. I'm happy with myself. I've been working towards that for so long, yet I never really thought I'd get there. And I never imagined how good it would feel - until now."

Kim Duke - San Jose, CA 

Creating Your Heart's Vision Kit
Specially Priced at $97
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Susan M. Castle
founder of
The Essence Method
  Your Personal Essence Method Session
With Susan M. Castle

normally $300 now just

"You can transform any fear into empowerment
even if you think it's impossible"

I'll show you exactly how to transform any fear into unshakable self-confidence, a renewed passion for life, prosperous success and lasting inner peace...

                  in just one session

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Guided Imagery and Meditation CDs

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 The Wealth Series

 The 7 Steps To Manifesting Your Heart's Desires CD
This CD takes you through the 7 steps to manifesting your deepest desires. You will be guided in discovering specific skills to create the results you want in your life. Through your journey you will come to know one of the most powerful skills...believing in your own success.

The unique features of this CD are:

  • the inspirational nature of the music and soft spoken words
  • affirmations to use throughout your day to keep you focused
  • guided imagery to assist you in getting in touch with your inner wisdom

This is one of our most popular CDs. People who use this CD report great results in attaining their goals and in feeling more peace of mind. Everyone reports feeling relaxed and re-energized as they take themselves through these steps daily.

"I use this CD every morning to begin my day. It has helped me to energize what I truly want. Often we find it all too easy to focus on the problems in our lives...what we don't like about our lives or about ourselves. This CD reminds me to keep focused on my goal. When I do this I manifest beyond my wildest dreams. It's effortless! This CD is worth gold!

 Sally Ranft, Chicago Illinois   

Order your CD now and share in this exciting experience.

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Opening Your Heart To Love - CD -$19.95
Opening Your Heart To Love is a unique CD which utilizes healing music, carefully selected guided imagery and the soothing voice of Susan to assist in releasing past hurts and emotional issues.

This CD is designed to gently open your heart to allow you to both give and receive love. Susan's best selling title,
Opening Your Heart To Love helps you effortlessly embrace your own divine Essence.

Enjoy our number one selling CD .. and feel your Heart open to
the love you deserve to FEEL

"Opening Your Heart To Love is the finest tape I have ever had the pleasure of using. The gentleness of Susan's voice and the soothing
music helps guide you to let go of past hurts and allow true love to
come into your life again. Most profoundly, this tape has helped me learn to love and honor myself first. I have a re-newed sense of self-love which brings me great joy. My highest rating!"

Ann Dod, Mind Magazine

Order a beautiful journal wrapped in soft ribbon and silk flowers to compliment your CD for only $9.95.

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Opening Your Heart To Love


Sleep Tape and Waking CD

Opening Your Heart To Love - Double Cassette Album $29.95
Discover how to release old emotions and wounds that hold you back from creating the love you desire in your life today! Opening Your Heart To Love includes two CDs:

1) Opening Your Heart To Love

2) The Gift of Forgiveness

"This double CD set the perfect combination to help me let go of old wounds, forgive past hurts and open my heart to love. These two Meditations have truly guided me in releasing stuck emotions and in feeling more joy and love in my heart. I now feel a richer love for myself and for others. It's wonderful."

  Gwen Johnson  Navato, CA   

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The Gift of Forgiveness Cassette CD  $19.95
Forgiveness is a gift from the heart, born of spirit. When we forgive we give ourselves a wonderful gift...the gift of freedom. Freedom from harboring feelings of anger, fear, loneliness and abandonment.

When we release these feelings we immediately enhance our health, allow more peace to flow through our heart and bring more joy into our lives.

This CD will help you release harbored feelings, gently soften the guard around your heart and bring more feelings of joy
and peace into your life.

This is now our best selling titles!

"I highly recommend this tape to anyone wishing to get in touch with feelings of anger, hurt, or sadness and to release them. I was able to release feelings of anger that I have harbored for years. I feel lighter, more joyful and more loving to those I used to not want to be near. Forgiveness is truly a wonderful gift to give yourself."                                       

  Nadine Zulauf Glenview, Illinois 

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Releasing Your Fears CD $19.95

Discover how to gently release your fears.

This CD utilizes healing music, soft spoken words and carefully designed affirmations to help you release unwanted fears. You will be gently guided in getting in touch with your deepest fears and safely releasing them.

Once you have released your fears, you will be guided in a technique which gives you a sense of renewed confidence
and inspiration.

You may use this CD as a healing meditation, affirmations to bring along with you during your day, as a morning exercise to begin your day on a positive note and at the end of your day to release stress or experiences you wish to let go of.

Releasing fears is a powerful method to getting the results
you seek in your life and to feeling more peace of mind. An excellent CD for both adults and children!

"I am a survivor of breast cancer. I love this tape! It has gifted me with a greater sense of peace and deep inner trust that I will be healthy. Susan's voice is so soothing and nurturing...she seems to speak right to my feelings of anxiety... I feel as if she were sitting right next to me extending me her hand."                         

Terri Malone Northfield, Illinois   

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The Health Series

Peace of Mind CD $19.95

This CD is great for stress relief, relaxation and just taking
time out for yourself. A great gift for everyone who wishes to feel peaceful. This tape includes 4 short relaxation exercises designed to assist you in quieting your mind, and relaxing. Included in this CD are:

The 5 Minute Vacation
Healthy Living
Progressive Relaxation
Golden Yellow Light

A special component to this CD is one full side of relaxing, soothing music with the accompaniment of a soft drum beat designed to be used during your meditations and moments of relaxation. Carefully embedded in the music is the gentle rhythm of the human heart beat in tune with the rhythm of Mother Earth. This makes for a healing, soothing, tranquil space for journeying inward.

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