Discover The Ancient Secrets
of Creating Your Ideal Life...

You're closer than you can imagine to discovering how to manifest your Heart's most treasured Dreams

...even if nothing else has worked for you in the past

You're Invited To A Special
Live Event in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin

"The Ancient Secrets of Manafesting" Seminar
June 18-24th, 2010

(attend just the weekend Seminar June 18-20th)

The Ancient Secrets of Manafesting Seminar is unlike anything you
have ever studied or tried before because it helps you get to the core
of what blocks you from having the results you desire - and clear it
so that you can create the life you want quickly and easily

If you have these kinds of challenges in your life:

  • Money Issues
  • Relationship Challenges
  • Low Self Esteem
  • Health Challenges
  • Lack of Clarity and Purpose
  • Feeling Disconnected From Your Spirit
  • Finding Time Just For You

    This Seminar will give you the answers to these challenges and much more

Your Teachers For The Lake Geneva Seminar

Susan M. Castle
Author and founder of
The Essence Method™ and
The Mind-Heart Integration Technique

Paul Bauer
Author of
Creating Abundance, Dream-Minder, The Secrets of Manifesting Course

Keahi Kawehi
Hawaiian Kahuna
Keeper of The Sacred Knowledge of Lemuria and Mu,
Creator of Mu Rising

Belita McBurney
Hawaii Retreat 2009

"What I experienced is beyond words...

I've been to Paul & Susan's retreats before - but this one was absolutely incredible. What I experienced is beyond words. One of my precious dreams was realized on this retreat with the help of Susan's Opening Your Heart To Love Program. I got married to my Soulmate during the retreat - and the coolest thing is it was effortless. I've told all my friends about this amazing experience! If you ever have the chance to attend - go for it with all your Heart! It will absolutely transform your life."

Belita McBurney - Ottawa Canada

Dear Friend,

I have an important question to ask you...

Is there something you want to create or manifest for yourself yet it
continues to elude you (no matter how many methods you've tried)?

What is that something?

Imagine that you could attain this result in your life... I mean really imagine with all your senses that
your desire is already real for you now.

What does that feel like? Fully feel this feeling of your desire already real for you now... Breathe into
this feeling... and wear it like a Divine fragrance.

Now, ask yourself "Why don't I have what I want"?

You've done everything you know to do.
You've set your intention... defined your goal...
clarified your road map... followed the steps...
And your desire continues to elude you - why?

If there's something you've wanted to create or manifest in your life, and it hasn't happened yet - you probably have a "hidden block" that's preventing you from manifesting it. The "Ancient Secrets of Manafesting" Retreat Seminar will be the answer you've been looking for. Especially if you've tried other methods and for whatever reason, you haven't achieved the results you desire.

No matter how many different methods of manifesting you've tried, or how many moments of frustration you've felt, I personally guarantee this retreat seminar will help you break free of your hidden blocks that have been holding you back. You will see your most treasured goals and dreams begin to manifest even before you leave the retreat.

Here's the facts: Hidden subconscious blocks are the most common reason we don't get what we want in life. These hidden subconscious blocks are formed at a very young age - before the age of 7.

The truth is we aren't even aware that we have these beliefs or blocks. What we do know is that something continues to sabotage even our best intentions. This cycle goes on until we bring our hidden beliefs into our conscious awareness and clear them.

When you find the right method to clear
your hidden subconscious beliefs, then manifesting becomes effortless, and begins to feel natural.

The "Ancient Secrets of Manafesting" Retreat Seminar was created specifically to help discover and eliminate your hidden beliefs and fears that prevent you from having all that you want in your life.

This Retreat Seminar is unlike anything you have ever learned before because - simply stated - it helps you get to the core of what blocks you from manifesting and enables to to clear it for good. Followed by a personal Blessing from Keahi, this ascended clearing WILL change your life.

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Here's what makes this Retreat Seminar unique
and different

  • The powerful energy of Lake Geneva: You get to learn the powerful principles of manifesting in one of the most sacred and transformational places in the midwest
    Enjoy taking time away from your busy life to dedicate just for YOU - people tell us this is the best gift they've ever given themselves

  • Experience the sharing of Sacred Knowledge and teachings of an authentic Hawaiian Lemurian Kahuna - Muhuna and discover what has been kept hidden for centuries
    and why now is the time for this Knowledge to be shared

  • The new Master Blueprint of the Divine Human and what this new state of being means for you and your loved ones (this new blueprint affects your DNA, your level of consciousness, your health, your wealth and literally every part of your life)

  • Experience The Essence Method: Susan will personally guide you through The Essence Method. By experiencing this powerful process you will be able to identify what your core beliefs and fears are that get in your way and make peace with them

    You will learn the amazing Mind-Heart Integration Technique which is a powerful method to bring the mind into the loving space of your Heart where manifestation in the present moment is easy

  • Personal Belief Clearings and Blessing from Keahi: When you stay for the full week seminar you will experience a personal clearing session. You will have clarity on what blocks you or holds you back in your life and learn the Present Moment Process. Once you've discovered the core beliefs that have been holding you back, you can clear them with this special clearing process.

    When you stay for the full week seminar you will receive a personal clearing from Paul, Susan and Keahi followed by a personal Blessing from Keahi.

  • Enjoy a small intimate group of like-minded and like-Hearted individuals: Because this Retreat Seminar is limited to just 15 attendees, throughout the entire Retreat Seminar you will receive guidance, instruction and on days 4 and 5 personal one on one time with Susan, Paul and Keahi

  • Experience Fire Ceremony and Sacred E Oli `Ola Chanting with Keahi: On day 2 you will experience a beautiful fire ceremony nestled at the waters edge of Lake Geneva. Keahi will guide us in a special sunset evening of chant, flute, talk story and more

    Please note: Outdoor Fire Ceremony is subject to weather conditions

These benefits and more are available to You

It can happen for you as well... You too can learn how to tap the wisdom of your Heart and create deeper meaning for yourself and LIVE the life you long to live.

Mario Cales. Belita Swan
Sedona Heart Essence Retreat - January, 2006

"This Retreat Seminar has been the most wonderful experience in ways that I can't express...

I attended the retreat with the intention of finding inner peace. After only 6 days, I felt I came home with so much more than I had expected. I now feel so much confidence knowing who I am. Learning to love myself unconditionally is something that I didn't know was possible. I can now honestly say I love and accept the person I've found in me.

The tools I learned on this retreat have allowed me to face challenges more openly and positively. So many positive things have happened since coming home. There have been many of my friends and family who have noticed the change in me, most importantly so have my children. My life has changed for the better because of this retreat!"

Belita Swan, Ottawa Canada

  "Learning Susan's Essence Method at her retreat has helped me to stay connected to my Heart and it's Wisdom. I feel joy again and have a renewed sense of inspiration and clarity. I have gained clarity on my personal purpose and my journey keeps me inspired to share my purpose and my gifts with others."

 Kris Luke - Huntington Beach, CA

Lillian writes:

"I went to the Sedona retreat last year and I can attest that it did change me and my life for the better. The retreat came at a time when I really needed to refocus, clean out my old thought processes and look at everything with a more open mind.

The greatest thing I learned was how to move forward and how to just simply love and enjoy me for being me. I came away from Sedona with new friends that are on the same spiritual path as I am. We are in touch on a very regular basis.

The energy of Sedona cannot be explained. It must be experienced. I encourage you to go and let your fears fall away like a heavy cloak and just experience what you need to feel from your heart. I am now a better judge of people and situations because I learned from this Retreat how to trust my own feelings."
Lillian Foreman - San Antonio, TX

In 1997 I created a method, now used by hundreds of people in over 20 countries, to release and transform any fear into lasting empowerment, to identify your personal purpose, to discover a deep sense of self-love and to bring more love and peace into the world.

The method I am about to share with you has helped hundreds of people free themselves from stuck emotions and limiting beliefs and live the life they have always dreamed of living. And now you can experience it for yourself and share it with others.

A quantum leap in the field of personal growth and healing...

The method I am referring to is The Essence Method
. Quite simply stated, The Essence Method is the best program available for releasing hidden limiting beliefs, fears and blocks, for connecting to your authentic self and for allowing you to live the life your Heart truly desires.

The Essence Method is a gentle process designed to assist you in the following areas of your life:
  • Feeling more love in your Heart - melting away old wounds and hurts, letting any guard melt away around your Heart and letting love in
  • Discovering and getting clarity on what your Heart Desires - Your Heart's Calling, your Soul's destiny
  • Getting in touch with any blocks or fears that prevent you from manifesting what you truly want in your life and clearing them
  • Gently releasing these blocks and transforming fear into empowerment
  • Embracing your inner Wisdom and learning to Trust it
  • Discovering your own Self Love and Self Acceptance

"By experiencing Susan's Essence Method I feel a beautiful expansive love in my Heart. I never knew what unconditional self love felt like until now. What a beautiful peaceful feeling. My Heart is full."

Glenda Hall - Texas

"Experiencing The Essence Method was one of the most profound experiences of my life. Wow, what a gift. Once you journey so deeply inward, you just never want to turn back. I got far more than what I came for... my life will be forever changed."

John Platis - Woodland Hills, CA

Here is what one man discovered by experiencing The Essence Method

Within days of experiencing The Essence Method, I felt like a
huge weight had been lifted from my shoulders...

"The results I've had in my life after experiencing The Essence Method
are nothing short of a miracle. Prior to my Essence Session, I had
become very depressed and discouraged with life. I knew I was
depressed, but it wasn't until after your Essence session that I realized
how 'un-functional' I was.

Within minutes of finishing the session, I felt clear about what I needed
to do to turn my life around. What's more, I felt as if a weight had
been lifted from my shoulders. Not only was I clear about what to do, I had the spiritual determination to do it. My spirit took control of my
mind and my body and completely 'made' me take action."

Within days of my Essence Session, I had 'created' over $39,000 in
new business. And more importantly, I was free... free to BE! Free to
be alive and be happy... free to accept my life as it is, and to love it as
it is. Thank you Susan." aaaaaaa Brian Keith Voiles

Skeptical? That's ok, I was too at first. Until I experienced for myself, first hand, the miracle of releasing hidden blocks and fear. Imagine how freeing and wonderful it is to release those stuck emotions.

When the student is ready the teacher will appear...
So now we invite you to share in this exciting journey and retreat in the sacred land of Lake Geneva...where we journey deep into the land, explore the Sacred Healing of Native American drumming and chanting, and where you will learn powerful skills to release fear, move through blocks and manifest Your Heart's Desires!

In Lake Geneva you feel like you're in a magical Kingdom where something wonderful is about to happen...and something wonderful does happen. You begin to become One with Nature...adopting her beauty and vibrancy and you are returned to your Spirit...Your Inner Sanctuary of Peace.

Manifest Your Heart's Deepest Desires...

"An Immense Leap Forward"

"I've had an immense leap forward in my abundance. My earnings have more than quadrupled and I am enjoying many exciting opportunities with my work and my helping people. Paul's Creating Abundance principles have been the singular and specific benefit to me in working on my beliefs and aspirations with great effect.

Paul Samuels - Australia

 Enjoy the beauty of
Lake Geneva as you relax in
Nature and Spring time

We invite you to come and journey into the peacefulness of Lake Geneva and re-discover your Essence


  • Glorious days surrounded by Native American land and waters
  • Nestle yourself among hundred year old trees and pristine waters
  • Relax, renew and learn the skills to create all you desire in your life

    Click here to reserve your spot

You Will Learn:

  • The Powerful Essence Method and The Mind-Heart Integration Process presented by founder Susan M. Castle

  • The secrets to effortlessly manifest your Heart's Deepest Desires - whether
    that is money, love, optimal career or a deeper spiritual connection

  • Clarity on your Personal Purpose - Your Heart's Calling

  • How to tap your intuition and trust it

  • The secret to having what you really want in your life and an easy way
    to create it consistently

  • The art of Unconditional Love and how you can learn to love yourself unconditionally

  • The powerful Ancient Secrets of Manafesting Course that teaches you how
    to effortlessly manifest your Heart's true desires

  • The transformation Infinite Abundance Principles (created by Paul Bauer) and discover how to release any fear or blocks and find courage to live the life your Heart longs for

  • The Present Moment Process created by Paul Bauer designed to help you be present with all your feelings and become the observer to them so you can truly be free of old thought patterns

These techniques will help you identify your number one block and limiting belief that prevents you from creating what you truly desire in your life and clear them for good.

Experience Opening Your Heart To Love

Keahi and Rose
Heart to Heart

Nadine and Bill
Opening Their Hearts

Experience Keahi, Susan and Paul as they share Sacred Ceremony, E Oli ' Ola Chanting, Blessings, Lemurian Healing,
Personal Clearings and much more

Meet new friends that become
your "Dream Team" and last
a life time

Benefits you will receive when you attend this retreat:
  • Re-discover your true Self... Your Essence and the profound inner peace and contentment Being your authentic self

  • Gain clarity on Your Heart's Calling - Your Personal Purpose

  • Find the courage to live it

  • Learn powerful secrets of Manifesting all Your Desires and know beyond all doubt that your desires will manifest

  • Release any fear or blocks that prevent you from having all you desire in your life
    with an advanced clearing process followed by a sacred Hawaiian Blessing

  • Tools you can use in your everyday life to help you relax and access your inner wisdom and to trust it

  • Deep inner peace and a Heart filled with joy

  • A lasting intimate loving connection with yourself

  • You will receive a full course manual and CDs (downloadable)plus a special CD from Keahi called "Count Your Blessings" to use as review and follow up to the principles you will learn on this retreat


    Enjoy quiet time to reflect, meditate
    and embrace Mother Earth
    Relax by the water

    Keahi Kawehi Hanakahi
    directly from big Island Hawaii

    Meet new friends that last
    a lifetime

Ruth, from Campache Mexico, shares her experience at one of our Retreats:

Ruth Ebergenyi
Lake Geneva Retreat
“I was skeptical at first to believe this would work and what a surprise I discovered...

I will never forget the warmth and love I felt in my heart during the Opening Your Heart to Love evening... this was one of the highlights of my experience during the retreat. I felt deep love and warmth in my Heart for the first time in a long time."  

Ruth Ebergenyi Vazques - Campache, New Mexico

Nadine Brown
Sedona and Hawaii
"My Healing Skills Have Reached A Whole New Level...

My retreat experience in Hawaii was one of the most amazing experiences of my entire life. I couldn't have imagined the shifts within me that have taken place.
My life has taken on a whole new level since I have returned from the retreat. What we've learned is a completely new level of what we are capable of as humans. The ramifications are staggering!"
Nadine Brown - Sarnia Canada

"The Essence Method has made a profound difference in my life...
"I have done inner child work before, quite a bit actually. But The Essence Method is the most powerful tool that I have ever experienced for getting in touch with my inner child and hidden fears. Finding the little girl within me and bringing her with me everyday has been a profound breakthrough and it has changed how I live my life. I now feel connected to myself, whole and loved. It's amazing the difference this method has made in my life."

 Heather Johnson - Sydney Australia

Dr. Bruno Cortis states:
"This method teaches us how to listen to our Heart and how to express our feelings. Valuable tools for self-assessment, spiritual growth and a healthy heart. A must for those who wish to tap the wisdom inside them that has more profound healing power than all the medical resources available."

 Dr. Bruno Cortis, Spiritual Cardiologist and author of Heart and Soul

"I feel so free and so connected with myself...
"Susan's work is among the finest I have ever experienced. I have done inner child work before, but this was phenomenal! The deepest work I have ever done by far. I feel so free and so connected to my inner child. This has made a big difference in how I feel on a daily basis. I feel more self love and joy in my Heart than I ever have. I recommend this work to anyone wanting more out of life and to feel more whole."

 Steven Kirchen - Chicago, IL

"This method is a masterpiece...
"This method is a masterpiece. Life is so effortless and profoundly meaningful when you live from your Heart and experience love."

Dr. Richard Sandore, Wadsworth, IL


Fall In Love With YOU...
"The Essence Method put me in touch with my Heart... I was able to feel my own self love for the first time. People are telling me I look so radiant and they are asking me if I fell in love... I reply "Yes, with Myself"

Patricia Hart - Paris, France


Opening Your Heart To Love

A special evening meditation and exercise with Radiant Heart Therapist Susan Castle and Keahi

Keahi will begin this most special evening with a Sacred Blessing to allow the flow of unconditional and Divine love to flow within your Heart.

Susan will guide you in a Meditation designed to open your Heart and you will then have the unique experience to feel Divine Love as it fills your entire Heart Center

A unique Heart to Heart exchange follows the Meditation and you will have the
opportunity to feel pure Heart Love and Divine energy flow within your Heart and the
Heart of your fellow retreat members.


Susan Castle

Keahi Kawehi Hanakahi

The New Paradigm of Health and Healing

This is one of the highlights of the retreat week. People who have attended our retreats in the past have told us this was a life changing event for them.

During this special evening of Opening Your Heart... you will experience a powerful
meditation that is used in healing any physical or emotional imbalances in the body and
to open your Heart to receive love.

I will share with you how I used the opening your Heart to love technique to heal my
Heart from Mitral Valve Prolapse.

I will share with you how many of our retreat alumni have used this powerful meditation to find their true love, soul mate and life partner as well as repair love relationships
through forgiveness of self and others.

During this special evening you will:
  • Experience the wisdom of your Heart and learn to trust it on a daily basis

  • Open your own Heart, melt away any guards or shields around your Heart and
    finally feel unconditional love and profound self acceptance

  • Experience a guided imagery meditation designed to facilitate Opening Your Heart
    to Love and bask in the high vibration of deep inner peace

  • Learn how to attract the Love that you seek - healing your aloneness and feeling
    deserving of the love you desire

  • Transform your deepest pain in your life and experience how it is really your
    greatest teacher

"I thought I would let you know that I am getting married on New Years Day. And part of the reason is the meditations and work I have done throughout the year with you Susan, and from your tapes to open my heart. I have found my true love and opened my heart to him. I feel I have truly manifested my heart's desire. Thank you."

JK - Santa Margarita, CA

"My Heart's desires have come true..."

"I made a list of my Heart's Desires at one of Susan's retreats, and most of them have come true in only 4 months. And the best of the best is my relationship with my son. It has taken a whole new direction. Where our relationship was once strained and distant, we are now close and our loving bond is stronger and stronger. This brings tears of great joy for it has been my greatest desire. I would do this retreat again as it gave me the power to understand my Heart's desires and to make them real."

Maria Kalife - Lebanon

Experience The Essence Method and how to use Lemurian Healing within this powerful method

  • Experience and learn Lemurian Healing developed by Susan to release stuck
    emotions such as anger, past hurts, or loss and reconnect you with your Divine
  • Reconnect with your Essence - Your Authentic Self and feel a real coming Home
  • You will understand yourself at a deeper level and feel Whole
  • You will discover what limiting belief prevents you from having all you desire in
    your life and how to transform your limiting belief into one of deep inner
  • Learn powerful exercises to help you discover your personal purpose

Journey into the Native American lands of Lake Geneva

Click here to reserve your spot

Morning sun as it rises
over the lake


Experience morning Qi Gong as the sun peaks over the waters horizon

Susan and Paul will lead you in morning Qi Gong: Susan and Paul studied with Master ChinYi Lin and they will teach his method of Qi Gong called Spring Forest Qi Gong

Enjoy Keahi's sacred chanting to open our Qi Gong session and greet the sunrise

Meet new like-Hearted friends that last a lifetime

Create your own Dream Team to support you on your path

You're invited to enjoy
the beauty of Lake Geneva
Your Retreat "Classroom" for powerful journeying overlooking the lake features:

  • The tranquil waters of Lake Geneva
  • An inviting and relaxing wood lodge
    overlooking the calm waters of the lake
  • Deck or patio overlooking the grounds
    where you can enjoy your morning tea
  • A cozy, relaxing and rejuvenating resort
    with beautiful grounds and Nature

Some of the days events will include:

  • Journeying out on the land for ceremony with a private Kahuna Muhuna guide
  • Morning QiGong with Susan and Paul out on the land along the waters edge
  • Unlimited logs on the fire and time for you to relax and enjoy
  • Shamanic drumming fire ceremony amongst Native Lands
  • Healing meditation circle with the Opening Your Heart To Love Meditation
  • Seminar time to learn the ancient secrets of manifesting what you truly desire
    in your life and a blue print to make it happen

A Quantum Leap in Consciousness and Results in Your Life

Our Special Retreat Feature - Keahi Kawehi Hanakahi
who will teach you the Ancient Secrets of Manafesting
and The Hawaiian Sacred Knowledge

Keahi Kawehi Hanakahi

Sometimes people come into our lives and touch our
Hearts and we are never ever the same... Keahi is one of
those people who will change your life.

You're invited to a rare gathering where Keahi will share
ancient wisdom and The Sacred Knowledge with you.

Traditionally only passed down through the Hawaiian
bloodlines, this is your invitation to experience a most rare
and precious gift of the passing of the golden key and The
Sacred Knowledge.

Keahi will also share his songs, his
E Oli ' Ola chants and
Divine Blessings with you. You will experience and learn
more in a few days than most people do in a lifetime.

 The Essential Question To Ask Yourself

If you knew a way to finally release your pain, stress, fear or subconscious blocks and live the life you long for what would it be worth to you?

You can join me and explore the possibilities for a fraction of what it costs to hang onto old pain, unhappiness and an unfulfilled personal purpose.

I invite you to experience true FREEDOM... freedom from any pain, stress or fear you may be feeling. You're invited to discover the secrets to releasing your blocks - for good - and gift yourself with a renewed sense of hope, joy and passion.

It's simple and easy... and you can experience it in the beauty of Sedona far far away from your everyday stresses.

Come join an intimate group of like-Hearted individuals
who will become your friends for a life time

Julie attended our most recent Sedona Retreat and here is how she describes her experience:

"I was stuck. Stuck wondering what this life really had to offer - and what I had to offer it. This retreat will change all that . All you have to do is come ready to learn and open yourself to healing. This retreat was amazing, and it's something that has permanently impacted the way I move forward in this life. More than two months later from returning home, I am meditating daily, focusing on my purpose in life, studying more about energy clearing, working with a mentor and following my heart.

The little things I notice are that my kids are smiling more - just having more fun around me. My husband wants to go on the retreat - and most of all I feel better, far less stressed than before and more in control of what I let bother me or impact me in a negative way. I'm still working a few things out, but at least now I have the tools to do that - because there will always be challenges. It's what we choose to do with those challenges that matters. I can say that I gained more insight into how to truly live a rich life from the days in Sedona, than I have gained in any other single event in my entire life.
This was personal, invaluable, life changing and I will not forget the things that I learned. Ever."

Julie Fisher - Cambridge, Wisconsin
wife, mother of 7small business owner

Share in this exciting retreat seminar in the Paradise of Lake Geneva ... where we nestle in amongst nature, wood burning fires, pristine lake waters, ancient pine trees, red tail hawks, deer, sunsets and learn the Secrets to Manifesting.

We hope to have the opportunity to share this exceptional experience with you!

Warm Wishes,

Susan and Paul


Special Bonus:

The Heart Essence Learning System downloadable e-course
by Susan

Includes 5 guided meditations, exercises, The Essence Method, your own manual and much more

Your Retreat Package Includes:
  • Design your Ideal Life: Get clarity and focus on your Ideal Life and how to begin living it today

    Return home with a step by step plan called a "Daily Ritual" that is guaranteed to get you the results you want in your life

  • Receive 2 powerful CDs that will calm your mind, give you clarity and focus,
    and open your Heart to love and abuncance

  • Powerful teachings from Susan, Paul
    and Keahi
    filled with powerful exercises, meditations, The Sacred Knowledge, real life success stories and more

  • Personal Clearings - 1:1 time with Susan, Paul and Keahi followed by a
    deeply moving personal Blessing by Keahi (when you stay for the advanced level)

    You will leave this retreat clear of your
    #1 limiting core belief

  • Learn The Essence Method and
    Lemurian Healing developed by Susan

  • Exploring the land, sacred fire ceremony
    morning Qi Gong, sunset meditations and Hawaii Sacred
    E Oli ' Ola Chanting

Click here to reserve your spot

Call us today to reserve your spot
or for additional information at:

The "Ancient Secrets of Manafesting" (yes it's spelled correctly)
Lake Geneva
Seminar and Retreat:

June 18-20th, 2010 Weekend Seminar

Stay for the entire week long retreat
June 18-24th

Join Susan, Paul and Keahi for an intimate, powerful retreat experience. You will have personal access to Susan, Paul and Keahi's expertise during the retreat as well as the dynamics of a master mind team of like Hearted individuals. You will meet new friends that will last a lifetime.

Your Faculty:

Susan M. Castle - is the founder of The Essence Method, The Mind-Heart Integration Process and a Radiant Heart Master Therapist as well as AFT certified practitioner. Susan brings over 18 years of experience in the fields of Energy Psychology, Chinese Medicine, Reiki, Meditation, Heart's Intelligence, Hypnotherapy and more to her retreats.

Paul Bauer - is the author of Dream-Minder and Creating Abundance Software, and is the founder of The Secrets of Manifesting and Effortless Manifesting Courses. Paul brings over 20 years of experience in the fields of Chinese Medicine, Mind Body Integration, Hypnotherapy and his expertise in helping people live their life's dreams and passions with abundance and deep fulfillment.

Keahi Kawehi Hanakahi
- of Molokai lineages, is a Hawaiian healer with the gifts of reading minds – a pono (righteous) Hawaiian modality, of E Oli `Ola (healing chants), and of Ho`oponopono (making things right). He directs his gifts to healing and reconnecting people with their Divine Source.

Keahi sees that personal challenges are manifestations of the disruptions in one’s mind, body, spirit, and/or soul. A touch on the head and Keahi can impart guidance on how to heal oneself and move forward in life and gain virtue. Keahi's gift of Blessings is a powerful catalyst to reconnecting with the Divine.

Keahi is a keeper of ancient sacred oli (chants) and ancestral ceremonial pule (blessings) that when heard, take the listener back centuries, and to a place of healing. Keahi's chants have their roots in Lemuria and Mu. Through his sacred chanting, Keahi will take you to places you have never been before.

Retreat Dates:

June 18-20th, 2010

Week long retreat seminar
June 18-24th (details below)

Weekend Retreat Registration:
Normally $495

Your VIP early bird discount only $395

Stay the entire week for the full retreat experience...
includes personal clearings and individual session time
with Susan, Paul and Keahi, daily meditations,
morning Qi Gong, evening chanting with Keahi,
fire ceremony, your ideal life blue print and
a personal Blessing from Keahi.

Week Long Retreat June 18-24th
Special Early Bird Registration
is only $795

Click here to reserve your spot

*this retreat will not be priced this low again
This is a special one time only registration rate

Bring a friend: When you bring a friend enjoy your
registration at 20% off

Click here to reserve your spot

Got some Questions about the Retreat?

all us at 847-520-1983

Come experience Lake Geneva

The Conference Point
Retreat Center

Enjoy the comforts of a cozy resort
enjoy beautiful grounds amongst 100 year old trees, pristine blue waters and rolling hills


You're invited to be among an intimate group of
people to experience this incredibly relaxing, life
changing retreat.

Join us in beautiful Lake Geneva... enjoy a relaxing
retreat with pampering, quiet tranquility, meditation
and powerful learning and much more.

We look forward to meeting you and sharing this
incredible retreat with You.



payment plans available

Click here to transform your life - starting today

The Lake Geneva Retreat Registration Includes: Personal one on one time (when you stay for the
week seminar) with Susan, Paul and Keahi, Ancient Secrets of Manafesting Course and all materials. Also available is
a wonderful meal plan
with your lodging.- Seminar includes all course materials, a powerful meditation with Susan out
on the land to experience The Essence Method, sunset meditation, sunrise morning Qi Gong with Susan, Paul and
Keahi each day, Sacred Fire Ceremony with Keahi, your own personal journal, your welcome gift and much more

Lodging and meals are additional

Lodging is available at the Retreat Center. We have arranged for a
special room rate with a meal package so that we can dine together
as a group.

Keahi will be sharing the Sacred Knowledge and chants well into
the evenings. Therefore, having meals included will alllow us to all
remain together to dine and allows us more precious time with
Keahi and the teachings of the seminar.

Lake Front Retreat House at The
Conference Point Retreat Center

Lodging at
The Lakefront Retreat House

Lake Front Lodge
and Meal Package

Shared room/shared bath

Shared Double Room: $49 per night
Meals: $24 per day
(includes 3 meals and all snacks)

(Single room/shared bath
$62 per night)








Lodging and Meal Package

Lodging is available at the Retreat House Lodge
(a large retreat house nestled on the shores of
Lake Geneva. A rustic yet comfortable House
awaits you)...

shared double room @$49 per night
(Single room shared bath @$62 per night)

3 full Meals and snacks $24 per day

A list of wonderful places to dine will be provided
to you if you desire to dine off campus.

Call Today to register:


A non-refundable deposit
of $300.00 is required to
hold your space.

SPECIAL NOTE: If you can not make the live event, there are 6 phone session times open
for anyone wishing to have a phone session with Susan, Paul and Keahi. Phone sessions
are first come first served and are $200 for 90 minutes. Sessions will focus on your personal
issue and clearing the blocks that prevent you from having your ideal life. Your session will
be followed by a personal Blessing from Keahi.

Call to schedule your personal phone session: 847-520-1983

Need more information? Talk with Susan directly to
answer any of your questions.

You can call me by clicking on the "Call Me" button below:

Click here to reserve your spot

Seminar Registration is non refundable

Full payment is due prior to the start date of the retreat unless other arrangements are made

Retreat begins on Friday June 18th at 6:00 p.m. and ends on Sunday June 20th at 5:00 p.m.
Week Long Seminar begins June 21st at 10:00 a.m. and ends on June 24th 5:00 p.m.

There will be a fire ceremony with Keahi to include Chanting, Flute, Drum, and
ceremony at the waters edge on June 19th, June 21st and June 23rd

Retreats are held in a non-smoking environment

For those staying for the entire week retreat
You will receive a personal Blessing from Keahi
Blessings vary in length anywhere from 30 - 60 minutes


Check the internet for special airline sale fares - closest airports are ORD and MKE Mitchel Airport in Milwaukee

Shuttle service is available for approximately $110 each way (depends on gas prices)

Car Rental is suggested and the drive is a lovely 90 minutes from either airport