Can One Powerful 90 Minute Session
Transform Your Entire Life?

Keahi Hanakahi
Bringing the Hawaiian Sacred Knowledge to You

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"The Ancient Hawaiian
Secrets of Manifesting"

A rare opportunity to
ancient Kahuna Wisdom...

Learn the secrets to abundance, prosperity, deep fulfilling love and lasting inner peace

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Special Bonus: Receive a personal Divine Blessing from Keahi at the end of your session

Here's what you'll discover with your
personal session with Keahi:

  • How to live with Heart Consciousness and enjoy inner peace, self confidence, clarity and focus

  • How to clear the unconscious hidden blocks that stop you from having what you want most in your life

  • How to live free from judgment of self and others so that you can allow for greater peace and clarity

  • The real gift of living in the Present Moment and how to create what you
    want quickly and easily from this powerful place

  • Clear lifetimes of self sabotage, old belief patterns and stuck energy
    in less time than you mind thinks possible

  • Awaken your silent Inner Guide and trust this guidance to fuel your
    career, your relationships, and your inner confidence

  • How to deepen your ability to meditate to levels beyond your imagination

  • How to have unshakable certainty in every part of your life even in
    uncertain times

  • Discover what Sacred Knowledge the Hawaiian Sprits wish to share with you
    and how it will be just the thing you've been seeking to bring clarity and focus
    into your life

Cost Quantity
Personal Session With Keahi Normally $300
Special Session Rate - $149

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