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Dear Friend,


Welcome to a life of success, inner confidence and true freedom... A life of unlimited possibility. Imagine with me for a moment your life filled with deep inner peace, prosperity, radiant health and deeply fulfilling relationships...

Your life free of Fear, Stress and Worry... replaced with inner confidence, joy and peace.

A life where manifesting is effortless.

There is a golden key hidden deep within You to open up the door to that life...

Would you like to find it?

If you're not interested, that's ok. And if you feel like you've been there before trying programs that claim they work but when it comes down to it they don't... that's ok too. I've been there myself. I've felt the frustration of high hopes only to find nothing really changed in my life. Until...

One day I discovered the golden key I am about to reveal to you and it's far closer than you think... in fact it's so simple and it's right in front of you...

That's right... now how much easier can it be than this?

I know this letter may seem lengthy to you, however if you'll read through it I promise you will be amazed and excited. Plus you can begin right now to really enjoy living your life of possibility with less stress, more peace and unlimited abundance.

I've been working hard to finish this important letter so that I can share with you some of the incredible results myself and others are creating in their lives by having discovered this golden key.

You see, I was once extremely frustrated with my life. I wanted so many things for myself but I didn't know how to make them happen. I read no fewer than 100 books, attended some of the major personal growth seminars, and studied with some of the well known gurus of the motivational industry. Still... my results were minimal and my frustration was building. Sound familiar?

Remember... the golden key is right in front of you...

One day I discovered a method that changed my life. I learned powerful skills to manifest anything, especially my
deepest desires. One of my deepest desires was to create the vacation of my dreams... I'm talking one of those vacations where you just can't imagine how you would ever manifest it... I wanted to travel deep into the tropics and journey with dolphins in the wild. Sound impossible? Read on...

Six weeks after I discovered this powerful method, I manifested the dream vacation of my life. I manifested enough extra income to spend two luxurious weeks in the Hawaiian Islands and swim with dolphins in the wild. Now this may not sound like much to you ... however this was only the beginning of my successful manifesting. I'm going to share with you the secret to how I did this and how you can manifest your deepest desires.

Stay with me, because I am about to describe a method so simple yet so powerful that your search will be over and you can begin using this simple method in your life today.

You've probably never heard of Nadine Zulauf. You will someday soon. Nadine was given 6-12 months to live. Almost 5 years later Nadine lives a rich, vital, healthy life doing what she loves to do most... enjoying time with her grandchildren. I invite you to discover the Secret she found 4 years ago that changed her life.

Wondering what the Secret is? What that golden key is? I will tell you.

The Secret is so simple. The only challenge is how to find it and put it into practice in your everyday life. I will reveal it to you in 4 simple words.

Move beyond your fear

There is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow... Moving beyond fear is the secret to finding it and living a life of possibility, prosperity, abundance, radiant health and deeply satisfying relationships. When you move beyond your Fears your life opens up to unlimited possibilities and you find the deep inner confidence you've been searching for. That golden key is right here waiting for you.

You can feel in control of your life and Free from any fear...
You can believe in Your Success...

Moving beyond fear will set you
free to feel Alive, to succeed in business, to feel more passion in your relationships, to enjoy radiant health well into your golden years and to look back on your life with great and deep satisfaction knowing you contributed to the growth and evolution not only of yourself but of the planet.

I know you may be wondering how this is possible for you in your life. It is possible by following a simple road map outlining easy to follow steps that hundreds of people are happily using to get the results they seek.

Learn how this program is healing the Hearts of America...

A personal endorsement from Dr. Bruno Cortis:

"This method teaches us how to listen to our Heart and how to express our feelings. Valuable tools for self-assessment, spiritual growth and a healthy heart. A must for those who wish to tap the wisdom inside them that has more profound healing power than all the medical resources available."

 Dr. Bruno Cortis Spiritual Cardiologist

What can you expect?
What you can expect from using this method and following this simple road map is success which will give you the deep inner peace you long for.

Freeing yourself of the heavy, nagging feelings that keep you stuck in the same old same old.

You can expect creative solutions to old problems, more radiant health, a happier more joyful Heart. You can enjoy deeper, more fulfilling relationships with others and with yourself. You can enjoy success in all areas of your life because you now have the skills to Manifest.

Don't bank only on what I say, listen to others who have used this method and have created exciting results in their lives.

"This Method is a masterpiece..."
"This method is a masterpiece. Life is so effortless and profoundly meaningful when you live from your Heart and experience love."
Dr. Richard Sandore, Wadsworth, IL

"I now have the courage to start my own business..."
"Learning this method has given me direct access to the wisdom of my Heart. I now have the courage to start my own business. I finally feel I deserve the riches life is giving me...the deep inner peace I feel is worth GOLD to me."

 Marie Vanderford Chicago, Il

Don't be like me who after struggling for over 10 years to find the answer realized my Heart was half-full and my life half alive. I was searching for answers and spending thousands of dollars on personal growth tools when I discovered I was seeking the wrong advice.

Tired of Suffering?
Then something happened. I woke up one day and decided it was time to face the Truth and move in a new direction. I had suffered enough.

If all the programs and seminars out there are so effective, then why is it that so many people are still
searching for more? If you are one of the few who is actually living the life you desire and are completely satisfied...then congratulations. But let's turn the life you are living into the life of your dreams.

Are you still searching for the missing piece?

Are you searching for something simple that will turn your fears into successes?... something to give you the courage to create the life you long for? Are you searching for the
missing piece?

If you're answer is yes... then I recommend that you read the next few paragraphs very carefully. These next few paragraphs are the very essence of what I have to share with you today. A day to remember in your life.

What I have to share with you is something that surpasses the mind, and taps into the true essence of YOU. I developed "Creating Your Heart's Vision" just for you so that you are able to manifest all you desire in your life.

My Guarantee to You... It's Risk Free
I guarantee you that if you follow the simple road map outlined for you in The Creating Your Heart's Vision Program you will rapidly see for yourself how easy it is to let go of fear and allow life to work for you. And what a fun time you will have discovering the exciting possibilities of your life. All you need to do is follow our simple course outlined in the manual and listen to three audio cassette tapes. It's so easy.

You'll find, as I have, that there is an easier way to FREEDOM.

I've been able to create what I have always longed for - FREEDOM. I no longer live someone else's life. I no longer follow the scripts of someone else's screen play. I follow my own scripts... and they come from my Heart... my Essence.

People tell me all the time how easy it has become for them to make lasting changes in their lives. People who have struggled with the habit of working too hard for too little gain are now working fewer hours and accomplishing more.

Free Yourself from Stress!

Thousands of people tell me that they are now free from STRESS. They have found a method that works for them. A method that helps them let go of stress transform fear and live a happier, more fulfilled life.

"I now have a more calm state of mind..."

"I recently purchased your excellent program on "Creating Your Heart's Vision" and am astounded by its simplicity and the difference it is making in my daily thought patterns. The most prominent benefit that I have noted so far is that I have a more calm state of mind throughout the day and where I would generally get anxious and angry with myself and other people I can now handle the same issues with a lot of calmness."
Bipin Patel

You too can learn the
secrets to creating the life you desire... to believing in your own Success. It's really quite simple. You can discover the path to freedom.

Guarantee Number Two:
I guarantee that if you are willing to put into practice what you've discovered you will see for yourself the amazing results you have created in your life. You will experience for yourself far less stress, greater health, deeper and more meaningful relationships with yourself and others, and more abundance than you could ever imagine. You will experience a FREEDOM that you've longed for all your life.

I guarantee this because what I am describing has been my own experience with using the simple steps outlined in The Creating Your Heart's Vision Program. I've been fortunate to have learned from some of the greatest masters in personal growth and the integration of mind, body and spirit. I now offer them to you in my Creating Your Heart's Vision Kit. You are fortunate to have these secrets at your fingertips to use for the rest of your life.

Yours Risk Free
The guarantee is really risk free. You're invited to participate in a proven method, available to you at a discount , to test out and see for yourself how you can create your life of possibility. If at the end of 60 days and after applying the principles outlined in The Creating Your Heart's Vision Method you feel your life has not changed for the better then simply let us know and we will refund every penny of your purchase price... no questions asked.

Free Bonus
I am even including some FREE bonuses with your Kit. I will include a FREE bonus tape developed by me titled
Peace of Mind, which is guaranteed to take even the worst stress away and guide you to your Intuition. I will include my E-book called Creating Your Heart's Vision, FREE to you, so that you can use your road map wherever you go. Even at work.

A few more real life stories of people living the life of possibility:

 "I used the principles I learned in the Creating Your Heart's Vision Program and sold my house in one day."    
Phyllis Gramas, Chicago, IL

Specifically how you can expect to benefit from using this Program:

  • You will learn simple, easy steps to transform fear into Empowerment
  • You will learn the secrets to Creating the Life your Heart longs for

  • You will identify your Heart's number one Desire

  • You'll learn laser beam focus and clarity on what you really want in your life and how to get it

  • You'll discover how to quiet your mind and hear the Wisdom of your Heart and to Trust Your Heart's Wisdom

  • You'll learn how to use your Intuition in every aspect of your life

  • You'll discover the courage to risk and live your life's dream

  • You will learn how to turn fear into joy

  • You will discover a simple daily secret that is guaranteed to reduce any stress

  • You'll become more self confident and learn to trust yourself

  • You will learn how to transform your darkest feelings into success

    If you are anything like me... your life will begin to be
    effortless, your fears will gently ease and you will see your successes and you will be able to rest at night with a deep sense of inner peace. Something money cannot buy!

    Sleep well at night...
    You will go to bed at night with a deep inner fulfillment knowing that your life is on purpose and that everything is going to be all right.

    Join the thousands of people who are learning to live life with greater meaning, joy and inner peace. You, too, deserve to come Home.

    STOP right here and do not read on any further if you want to continue struggling, hoping your life will change.

    Continue to read on only if you are ready to let go of struggling and create what you really want in your life.

    Continue on... only if you dare to live your life's dream
    and experience real Freedom.

    This is not a trend that will be gone tomorrow. This is the beginning of the next personal growth revolution that will affect the way you and your family live, work and play for the rest of your lives.

    You can be a part of this personal growth revolution.

    Current statistics reveal that people in the world are desperately seeking help to live a richer, more satisfying and fulfilled life. Children are longing to feel loved and accepted. Just look at the Heart wrenching expressions of anger and rage evident in our schools. There is a missing piece.

    The love and acceptance we all long for begins within the Self. We all can make this a better planet when we take the time to acknowledge our own needs first.

    Take care of our own inner world first

     What this program can do for you:

    By following our simple step by step program, Creating Your Heart's Vision, you will begin to feel inspired, and you will be filled with a sense of renewed hope and confidence that you can do anything.

    Can You Find 10 Free Minutes a Day?

    It just takes a commitment of 10 minutes each day. THAT'S ALL.

    Do you remember a time in your life when life was fun and you had no worries? You awakened each morning with wonderment, excitement and curiosity?

    We all have these memories of better times. Yet these innocent times somehow seem to have a way of slipping away. Only to be replaced with the stress of everyday life. Then one day you realize that your life is no longer yours... that you are living a life owned by the company you work for, a boss who dictates rather than asks, or goverend by your own emotional trappings.

    What if I promised you those better days will come again?

    A return to your child-like Spirit...

    What if I promised you a way of recreating those golden days right now?

    Well I am...

     When you follow our simple program...

    1. You will gain laser beam clarity on your highest priorities and desires in your life. Clarity that is guaranteed to bring you real results if you follow the simple program.

    2. You will learn The 7 Steps to Manifesting and how to use these steps daily to create what you desire.

    3. You will be in touch with your Innate Wisdom, your Intuition and teach you how to trust your intuition in every decision you make.

    4. You will learn a gentle way to transform fear and feel empowered.

    5. Discover the master skill that gives you the courage to risk and attract what you really want in your life.

    6. This program acts as your guide to help you discover your life's purpose and bring you deeper meaning to your everyday being.

    7. You will gain a whole new level of self confidence as you learn that you are the creator of your life and see your desires becoming real.

    8. You will discover the missing piece in most self help programs out there and you will save hundreds of dollars on products that do not work. You'll be surprised when you discover what it is.

    Secrets that you can learn:

  • How to free yourself from fear, old pain and anger

  • How to create real results in your life and save hundreds of dollars on other methods

  • How to find deep inner peace within yourself

  • Become the powerful creator of you life

  • Believe in Your Own Success

  • Attract the love you seek

  • Experience the state of unconditional love...that the poets write about and the artists capture in a painting

  • Discover you are worthy... you have a purpose unique onto only you... your feelings (good and bad) are the signals to evolve and grow.

  • Stop waiting for others to make you happy... create your own happiness

  • "Unlike any other muscle in the body... the Heart muscle does not weaken with age. It is only the mind that weakens the Heart"

     Dr. Paul Pearsall

    Read how even more have benefited from learning the principles of The Creating Your Heart's Vision Program.

    "My personal income has tripled..."

    "Learning to use the intelligence of my Heart has taken my company earnings to the highest ever... and my personal income has tripled"
    Paul G. Bauer, Arlington Heights, IL - Founder Dreams Alive International

    "I now have the courage to start my own business..."

    "Learning to access the wisdom of my Heart has given me the courage to start my own business. I now feel I deserve the riches life is giving me... the deep inner peace I feel is worth GOLD to me."

     Marie Vanderford Chicago, Il

    "I sold my house in one day..."

    "I used the principle of visualizing success in advance which I learned in this course and sold my house in one day."
    Phyllis Gramas, Chicago, IL

    "Life is so effortless now..."

    “Susan's work is a masterpiece. Life is so effortless and profoundly meaningful when you live from your Heart and experience love."
    Dr. Richard Sandore, Wadsworth, IL

    click here to read a powerful story of a woman who beat the odds of cancer because she believed in her inner power to heal.

    "This is the best method I have ever experienced..."

    "Susan's program opened up my heart and opened my mind to new possibilities. This program offers a true understanding of the human psyche and practical ways to help one attain their dreams. Susan is a true missionary in the overcrowded and often self-aggrandizing motivational field. Saying thank you does not seem adequate enough! "                                                             Steve Kirchen, Des Plaines, IL

    These are real life stories of people who have benefited from learning and applying the principles of Creating Your Heart's Vision.

    What is included in the Creating Your Heart's Vision Program:

    1. The Powerful Creating Your Heart's Vision Manual

      * Your program begins with helping you gain laser beam clarity on what is your Life's Dream... Your Heart's Longing

    * You will learn easy steps to quiet your mind and de-stress your body

    * You will learn a powerful method of Visualization ( the same method Michael Jordan, Oprah and other successful people use in their daily lives) to reach success

    * You will learn how to Focus on what your Heart truly desires rather than on what you want to get rid of in your life learning this skill will change your life!

      * You will learn the power of commitment and how to stay committed to your life's Dream

    * You will learn how to turn any fear into empowerment


     2. A set of two powerful audio tapes
    designed to be used throughout the program and as a reinforcement tool

    1. The 7 Steps To Manifesting: Designed to be used daily as a road map to help you energize what you really want and stay focused on what is most important to you   

    Peace of Mind: Designed to help you release your deepest Stress. This tape also includes beautiful calming music for you take with you as a daily companion to your program


    For a limited time you will receive A FREE Bonus Tape with your program entitled
    "Releasing Your Fears" a wonderful tape that is sure to assist in moving beyond fear into Empowerment and Confidence.

     3. Reinforcement tools to keep you on track and focused


  • The Creating Your Heart's Vision Manual

  • Two Powerful Audio Tapes
    The 7 Steps To Manifesting
          Peace of Mind

  • Free bonuses for a limited time only
        FREE TAPE "Releasing Your Fears"
         FREE E-Book Creating Your Heart's Vision
    to take to work with you

  •  Here's How To Make It Happen In Your Life

    Create The Life
    You Truly Desire - Easily
    I have just shared with you all the information you need to know about the powerful

    Creating Your Heart's Vision Kit

    You know it works, and you know what it can do for you in your life. You've read how this program has changed the lives of many others and how it can change your life as well.

    I invite you to participate in the many benefits of this program. What you stand to gain is a richer, more deeply satisfying life knowing that you have the power to create what you really want in your life. Perhaps this program is all you need to release yourself to the power within you and create the life of your dreams.

    Stop risking your valuable time, effort and dollars. Let us show you how to get what you really want in your life Today! You can begin as early as the minute you receive your program.

    The cost of this program is just $297, but as a special internet marketing test until February 17th, 2003 you can receive your kit for just $97. I am sure you will agree this is great deal.

    We have added an extra bonus

    Yours FREE
    when you purchase by Feb. 17th, 2003
    a free audio tape and E-Book

    You may be asking "what about that guarantee that this program really does work".

    Well, here's my guarantee to you...

    Enjoy our risk free 60 day Trial Offer... YES, ABSOLUTELY RISK FREE...

    Examine Creating Your Heart's Vision, try it, use it for 60 days with no risk and see for yourself how powerful you really are in creating the results you are seeking in your life. Experience the difference in your life today.

    If you are not completely satisfied with the Creating Your Heart's Vision Kit I will refund every penny of your product investment... plain and simple, no questions asked.

    Many people tell us that they would have paid thousands of dollars for the results this course has helped them create... some even tell us that no money can buy the happiness and long lasting peace they now feel.

    It's time you gave yourself the same opportunity

    Get The Powerful Creating Your Heart's Vision Kit today
    and enjoy the free bonuses.

    Guaranteed to bring you the real results you seek

     Option 1

    The Powerful Creating Your Heart's Vision Kit
    Creating Your Heart's Vision Program Kit
    including the manual, audio tapes and Free Bonuses
    Available to you at a discount until Feb. 17th, 2003

    Available to you for just
    That's over a 50% savings

    Option 2

    Your Kit and a Personal Session with Susan
    Creating Your Heart's Vision Program Kit and A
    Personal Session
    with Susan M. Castle - Master Trainer and Author, founder of The Essence Method

    Valued at over $400

    Available to you until Feb. 17th, 2003 for only $179

    Your personal session will include the life changing Essence Method
    tm developed by Susan designed to release any fear and embrace self confidence, self love and inner strength.

    The Essence Method has been called the best method available to get in touch with your Spirit, your true self and to harness the courage to live the life you truly desire. It's a real coming Home.

    click here to learn more about The Essence Method

    Let this introductory offer be your turning point between living your life from conflict to living your life from Your Heart's Vision.

    Think about it... hundreds of people tell us that this program is worth gold to them once they learn the powerful skills and apply them in their lives.

    You can't afford not to invest in this program.

    And I have saved the best for the last! By being an owner of the Creating Your Heart's Vision program, you will be a member of my personal data base and have the opportunity to receive future products at a reduced rate and attend our Hawaii Dolphin Retreats at a discounted rate.

    You will also be eligible to join our now forming alumni club which will provide you with a community of others who are all living their dreams.

    There are three easy ways to order:

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    2. Call toll free at 1-877-305-2422.
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     P.S. Remember you too can experience greater success, more radiant health, reduced stress, deeper more meaningful relationships with yourself and others and more abundance than you've ever dreamed. It's right here waiting for you. You're just a click away.

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